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Driver whose license was suspended charged with DUI

When someone loses their license, life may become challenging in various ways. On top of struggling to get to work, college or take care of other responsibilities, people may feel helpless and could face harsh penalties if they are caught operating a vehicle wih a suspended license. In Boston, and all other parts of Massachusetts, it is essential for drivers who are worried about losing their license to comprehensively evaluate their options.

According to law enforcement officials in Maine, a driver was taken into custody for operating a vehice while under the influence of alcohol. Following the alleged incident, which occurred in Gloucester, authorities say they discovered that the man had been convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated six times after looking at his records. Officials say that they could detect alcohol on the driver's breath and that he was taken into custody after he was unable to pass multiple sobriety tests.

DUI and license suspension

From time behind bars to financial penalties and losing your job, drunk driving charges can shatter your life in diverse ways. Unfortunately, they may also result in your driver's license being suspended, which can also create multiple problems for you on a daily basis. At the law offices of Attorney John B. Seed, we know all too well how devastating this can be for drivers in Boston, and in cities around the whole state of Massachusetts. If you have been accused of driving under the influence, it is imperative to immediately review your legal options.

Losing your license may prevent you from driving to and from work, keep you from running errands and interfere with your ability to pursue your interests and enjoy life. Having your license suspended for any amount of time can create financial and emotional problems and change the way that your friends and family members see you. Depending on the details of your case, you may be able to obtain a hardship license, which could restore some normalcy. However, this is not an option for everyone and if you are facing drunk driving charges you should not waste any time when it comes to defending yourself. There are a number of details that could have a significant impact on the outcome of your DUI case, which could have repercussions for years to come.

Limits and testing may lead to more drugged driving arrests in MA

A person who is charged with a DUI in Massachusetts may have difficulty contesting the matter in court if the chemical tests reveal that the blood alcohol content is above the legal limit of 0.08 percent. Drugs may also affect driving skills, but as NBC Boston notes, proof of the impairment may not be as easy to come by for law enforcement officers attempting to make an arrest. In addition, many authorities are untrained in positively identifying whether a driver is high.

Even so, officers issued more than 1,500 citations for operating under the influence of drugs during 2015. These include cases involving marijuana, opioids, prescription drugs and other substances. Recently proposed legislation recommends setting a legal limit for marijuana use, but currently, there is no defined threshold for this or any other drug.

What are the penalties for DUI in Massachusetts?

If you are accused of operating a vehicle while you are drunk, all sorts of questions may arise. Perhaps you are wondering how your life will change as a result of the charges, such as having difficulty while applying for a job in the future. If you live in Boston, it is vital to understand some of the penalties that you may face in Massachusetts.

According to information published by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, drunk driving charges carry a number of penalties. For starters, your driver's license will be suspended for 30 days if you fail a breath test. In addition to losing your driving privileges, you may be sentenced to prison and face stiff financial penalties. For example, you can be sentenced to prison for up to two years for your first or second offense. If you are charged with DUI for a third time, you could spend up to five years behind bars.

Blood alcohol testing errors

Taking a blood test in Massachusetts after being pulled over for driving under the influence may seem like a sure way to be found guilty if someone has been drinking alcohol, or a sure way to be proven innocent if he or she has not. The truth is, though, that laboratory errors could result in either a higher or lower BAC than is actually present.

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Inc., points out that there have been laboratory errors and scandals across the United States for years, and Massachusetts has not escaped the list. In fact, two chemists tampered with or falsified evidence on the tests of tens of thousands of people in the state. In addition to cases affected by unethical chemists, there are a number of ways that honest mistakes may be made.

Drugged driving is just as bad as drunk driving

Many drivers in Boston are not aware of how dangerous drugged driving is. The number of motorists on the roads is increasing each day. So is the number of intoxicated vehicle operators. Many of these drivers are not drunk on alcohol; they are under the influence of drugs.

Many medications and illegal substances can cause users to experience many of the same symptoms that drunk motorists experience. According to CNN.com, common drugs that drugged drivers use include cocaine, opioids, amphetamines and marijuana. Dizziness, loss of motor skills, incoherence, slurred speech and impaired judgment skills and reaction times are just some of the symptoms that affect both drunk and drugged motorists. Usually, these side effects do not immediately occur after use. Many people assume that they feel fine enough to operate their vehicles, only to end up exhibiting signs of intoxication while they are behind the wheel and facing DUI charges.

When your driver’s license is suspended for breath test refusal

While public transportation may be an option in some circumstances, the demands of your life in Massachusetts may require you to be able to drive yourself and others around Boston. However, if you have refused to take a breath or chemical test when pulled over by a law enforcement officer, he or she is not likely to consider your transportation needs. We at the law office of Attorney John B. Seed have assisted many people who have lost their driver’s licenses in this way.

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles explains that a breath test refusal does not result in a criminal charge, but the moment you refuse, you automatically lose driving privileges. Fortunately, there are conditions under which you may appeal your driver’s license suspension or revocation. In a hearing at the Boston RMV Office, you may challenge it by stating that the officer did not arrest you, that you never refused to take the test or that you were arrested, but there were no reasonable grounds for it.

What happens if a teacher is charged with DUI?

There is never a good time to be charged with drunk driving in Massachusetts. This is particularly true if you're studying to become a teacher or you already work in a school.

If you find yourself charged with OUI (operating under the influence), you may face a variety of challenges, including a negative impact on your career and the possibility of losing your license. There are steps you can take to avoid serious trouble.

Standing up for those facing false DUI/OUI charges

On this blog, we have examined some of the consequences that often come with drunk driving charges, such as financial penalties, job difficulties, jail time and a damaged standing in the community. Unfortunately, some people have suffered these setbacks after being taken into custody over false allegations of driving under the influence.

At the law offices of John B. Seed, we believe that those whose lives have been shattered by false DUI accusations in the Boston area deserve justice.

Driver taken into custody after field sobriety test

When someone finds themselves accused of driving under the influence and submits to a field sobriety test, the results of the test could have an impact on their future in many ways. In addition to spending time behind bars and facing stiff financial penalties, drunk driving charges can also haunt people years down the road. For example, someone charged with drunk driving in Boston may struggle to find work in Massachusetts, or elsewhere in the country.

Law enforcement officials in New Hampshire recently took a driver into custody after she submitted to a field sobriety test. The test, which was conducted at the station, allegedly showed the woman's blood alcohol level to be 0.12. Authorities charged the woman and she was let go after posting bail.

There is no time to waste. Let us begin building a strong defense for you now.

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