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The impact of drunk driving on child custody

We have explored many of the different ways in which those charged with driving under the influence are affected. From the loss of their driving privileges to prison time and costly fines, these charges can certainly make life challenging in different ways. However, drunk driving charges can create additional hardships for people in ways that are often overlooked. For example, drunk driving can spell trouble for those who are in the middle of a custody dispute, or anticipate that they will be going through a dispute over child custody in the near future. In Boston, and other Massachusetts cities, parents in this position need to be prepared.

Teens, peer pressure and drunk driving

For teenagers, life can become very complicated when drunk driving allegations arise. Attorney John B. Seed knows how this situation can upend life for a family and is very difficult for young drivers and their parents. Unfortunately, teenagers sometimes face challenges that may pop up on a daily basis, such as peer pressure. While people from various age groups may find themselves facing DUI charges or put in a position where there is pressure to drive after drinking, such as during a family celebration, this issue can be especially hard for teenagers.

Can DUI charges affect travel?

If you are charged with driving under the influence, you may have an array of uncertainties related to your circumstances. For example, you may wonder how the charges could impact your life, which may include your relationships with friends and relatives and your employment as well. However, there are other consequences related to DUI charges that people in Boston and other parts of Massachusetts may not realize. For example, these charges could affect your ability to travel.

Is it okay for police to publicly shame people on Facebook?

It may seem like a good joke at first - police using Facebook to poke fun at some of the people that they arrest and charge for various criminal violations. Some of the posts may seem funny, but they could be a violation of constitutional rights. Those who are accused of drunk driving or other crimes could face irreparable harm from these types of posts.

Reviewing statistics on drunk driving charges

Each year, many people are charged with driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. In Boston, and across the entire state of Massachusetts, these charges can upend lives in all sorts of ways. As one example, someone charged with DUI may have difficulty during their job search years later. Moreover, penalties such as fines and time behind bars can also make life very difficult.

Football player apprehended over DUI

When drunk driving charges arise, life can change in all sorts of ways. Sometimes, people find themselves in this position after drinking too much at a celebration or while they are out with friends. Unfortunately, some may not be aware that they are over the legal limit. In Boston, and in all parts of Massachusetts, these accusations can spell disaster for people from all walks of life. Sometimes, DUI charges lead to job loss or, in the case of celebrities, humiliation in the public eye.

How many people are apprehended for DUI per year?

For those charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol, all sorts of challenges may lie ahead. Each year, many people are taken into custody over these allegations in Boston, and in other cities across Massachusetts. For those who have been accused of this offense, it is essential for them to stand up for their legal rights and go over their different options, since these charges can have a major impact on their future. For example, they may have a hard time finding work years later.

How common is underage drunk driving?

Previously, we reviewed some of the consequences that may come with underage drunk driving, from fines and license suspension to the different ways that these charges can interfere with school. If you are a young driver, a young person who rides along with friends or the parent of a teen driver, it may be helpful to understand how prevalent underage drunk driving is in Massachusetts and across the U.S.

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