How to Obtain a Hardship License

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Along with excessive moving violations and driving without insurance, being convicted of an OUI/DWI/DUI is cause for license suspension in the state of Massachusetts. According to Attorney John B. Seed, an OUI (Operating Under the Influence) defense lawyer who represents the greater Boston area, those who fail a breath test will have their license suspended for 30 days after the test. Those who refuse a breath test will have their license suspended for 180 days minimum.

Although the suspension or revoking of a license is enacted to protect the public from risky drivers, individuals who rely upon driving to get to work, attend school, or receive medical treatment can apply for a hardship license. A hardship licenses grants a person the privilege to drive for a consecutive 12 hour period (typically 7am to 7pm), allowing them to go to work, transport their children to school, or visit the doctor.

However, obtaining a hardship license is a very difficult process without a skilled lawyer to put together the proper documentation and make a case on your behalf. It is highly advised to hire a lawyer before the Registry of Motor Vehicle hearing necessary to apply for a hardship license.

Depending on the conviction, a variety of forms will have to be filled out and brought to the hearing to qualify for the license. It is the Hearing Officer’s discretion to grant an individual a hardship license, but a winning case is far more likely with the help of a skilled OUI defense lawyer.


Attorney John B. Seed works with clients throughout Massachusetts who wish to get their license back as soon as possible for work and educational purposes. As a former Suffolk County OUI Prosecutor, John B. Seed is familiar with the arguments used in court against OUI/DWI/DUI cases and will use this knowledge to fight on your behalf. For experienced legal counseling regarding a hardship license, callMassachusetts drunk driving lawyer Attorney John B. Seed at 508-817-3194 for a free initial consultation.