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OUI causing Serious Bodily Injury (OUI-SBI)

One of the most serious OUI convictions a person can be charged with is Section 24L's "OUI Causing Serious Bodily Injury." According to drunk driving defense lawyerAttorney John B. Seed, an OUI causing serious bodily injury occurs when an individual operates a motor vehicle and does serious bodily injury to a member of the public while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, narcotics, depressants, stimulants, or glue vapors.

Overview of OUI/DUI/DWI Drunk Driving

The legal acronyms OUI/DWI/DUI are commonly viewed as synonymous to the term "drunk driving," but according to OUI lawyer Attorney John B. Seed, the terminology has nuanced meanings in various states that imply certain types of impaired driving. In Massachusetts, drunk driving is charged as "OUI". No other acronyms are used in MA. In recent years there has been an upswing in arrests of individuals who are caught driving while intoxicated by substances other than alcohol, such as toxic vapors and marijuana. These people are charged under the crime of OUI - Drugs.

Drinking & Driving - How Much is Too Much?

There has never been a clear cut answer to this question: how much alcohol can be consumed before one is over the limit? It really varies from person to person. A petite woman may a have one glass of wine and be over the limit. A large, athletic male may be able to consume several drinks over a short period of time and still manage to be under the limit. One thing that should never be confused with the legal limit, however, is a person's tolerance level for alcohol. While this may come in handy on certain field sobriety tests, it certainly will have no impact on a breath test result.

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