Opiate & Heroin Epidemic

| Feb 26, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

Since 2012, more than 700 individuals in the state of Massachusetts have died of an opiate overdose, most of which include heroin. In December alone, nearly 58 deaths we confirmed by the Massachusetts State Police and that number seems to be increasing daily.

The recent revival in the heroin epidemic has raised serious concerns throughout the Northeast, especially in Massachusetts where the death rate has risen significantly since 2000. According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, in 2000, Massachusetts had an opioid related death rate of 363. By 2011, the number had increased significantly to 642, and two years later was up to 860.

This devastating epidemic can create a terrible situation for not only the individuals involved but their families as well. In 2013, the Obama administration put a number of funds and resources into fighting the nation’s overall drug problem. The administration felt that this problem was more of a public health issue rather than a criminal problem.

The Massachusetts State Police have been working with the DEA to crack down on the epidemic and focus on the illegal drug trade that is occurring throughout the Northeast Region of the United States. Massachusetts has also put a large number of resources into helping with addiction as well, offering a number of affordable counseling and treatment options for recovering addicts.

Attorney Seed has worked with many clients and their families to help them get their lives back while going through the recovery process of addiction. Many times, heroin addicts find themselves facing charges they’ve picked up trying to feed their addiction. Most often, they are charged with drug or larceny related offenses. Attorney Seed has worked hard to assist his clients in finding their sobriety first, and then handling the court matters.

Often times, Assistant District Attorneys across the state will look to incarcerate addicts to get them off the street. That does not solve the problem. The disease of addiction needs to be treated and monitored – through the court system and not the sheriff’s department. Attorney Seed has been able to propel many clients forward and out of the cyclical life of addiction and keep them out of prison.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a heroin related incident or is suffering from addiction, contact Attorney John B. Seed today. We offer free legal consultations for all of our clients in the State of Massachusetts.