Effects of Criminal Record

| Oct 4, 2016 | News |

Your criminal record is a track record of any past convictions or charges you may have. Even if you only have one conviction, having a criminal record can affect your life in various ways. A criminal record can also include the database of cases kept by county and local courts. These records are usually free to be viewed by anyone, despite the connection to the person who is being searched. In some cases, criminal records can be expunged or sealed.

Effects of a Criminal Record

Typically, if you have a criminal record, there are various effects it can have on you in a negative way. Some of these negative effects include:

  • Those with a criminal record may have their child custody rights limited. This is especially true is the charge involves any domestic abuse or acts of violence.
  • If you’re attempting to obtain a green card, change your immigration status or becoming a naturalized citizen, a criminal record can prevent any of these.
  • Any additional charges may cause you to receive a more severe penalty or sentencing if you already have a record on file.
  • With a criminal record, you may lose your driving, owning a firearm or other rights.
  • If you’re currently unemployed with a conviction, it can be more difficult to find a job. More often than not, employers require a criminal background check when you apply for a position.

For those with a criminal record, you may find that any existing legal issues can become more complicated or you may be presented with obstacles to overcome. For any past criminal charges or for your current criminal record, it’s in your best interest to speak to a qualified attorney near you. Attorney John B. Seed is happy to go over your rights and how your record could affect you currently or in the future. For a free evaluation, fill out our online contact form or call us at 508-817-3312.