How Can A Drunk Driving Conviction Affect My Career?

| Nov 10, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Nobody wants a drunk driving conviction. If you are found guilty of OUI in Massachusetts, you run the risk of losing your license, and you will have to pay much higher insurance premiums and suffer other financial consequences. Multiple offenses bring incarceration. Perhaps worst of all, the offense can show up on your record for decades.

Some drivers are concerned about how a DWI/OUI/DUI might affect their careers. Are you worried about potential consequences for your career?

What Can Happen If You Have An OUI/DUI/DWI On Your Record

An OUI (Operating Under the Influence) conviction can land you behind bars. In Massachusetts, a second OUI conviction yields a mandatory jail sentence of 60 days or more. A third offense is a felony that can put you in state prison.

In terms of your employment, an OUI can lead to big problems:

  • You can be terminated from some positions.
  • You can be rejected by potential employers who run a background check on you.
  • You may be unable to do certain jobs if you can’t drive to work or for work.
  • You can lose your commercial driver’s license.
  • You may lose credibility or respect with your colleagues.

Self-employed people have an advantage here. If you work for yourself or you are a partner in a closely-held business or family operation, a drunk driving conviction probably won’t get you fired, but your professional reputation may suffer significantly.

Before You Plead Guilty

Every situation is different, but every drunk driving arrest (or Breathalyzer refusal) is serious. Make sure you have strong legal representation before you plead guilty or talk to law enforcement about your case.