What is the legal limit in Massachusetts?

| Jan 7, 2017 | Blood Alcohol Tests |

If you are charged with drunk driving, you may face a myriad of challenges. For example, you could be unable to drive, which can spell disaster for your career or prevent you from getting to school or taking care of other responsibilities. As a result, it is essential to understand the legal limit and carefully review the details of your circumstances if you find yourself in this position. In Boston, and other Massachusetts cities, drunk driving charges have cost people their careers, upended the lives of entire families and caused many other hardships.

According to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, those who are taken into custody over allegations of driving while under the influence are required to take a breath test. For drivers who are over the age of 21, the legal limit is 0.08. However, the legal limit is significantly lower for drivers who are under the age of 21. If you have not yet turned 21, you may have your driver’s license suspended if your blood alcohol content level is 0.02 or greater.

Drunk driving charges can lead to costly financial penalties and even years behind bars. Furthermore, these charges may affect you in ways that some people do not realize. For example, you could have problems while trying to enter another country or find a job. Since these charges can turn your life upside down in many ways, you should make sure that you assess all of your options if you have been accused of operating a vehicle while intoxicated because of alcohol use.