Alcohol use and on-the-job accidents

| Apr 28, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

When it comes to drunk driving, this blog has addressed many of the setbacks that people accused of this offense could face. From prison sentences to fines and license suspension, drunk driving charges are often devastating for people in Boston, and all across the state of Massachusetts. However, there are certain circumstances where drunk driving can create additional challenges, such as those who are charged with DUI while working. At the offices of Attorney John B. Seed, we understand how devastating this can be for truck drivers, taxi drivers and many others who drive to earn a living.

When someone is found to have been driving drunk while at work, their career may suffer permanent damage. Even after they have moved past the penalties for DUI, they may never be able to find another position in their line of work, which can lead to financial hardships, depression and other difficulties. Sometimes, people may not even realize they were driving under the influence after consuming too much alcohol during a lunch break, while others may be falsely accused of DUI altogether.

If you were charged with drunk driving while you were operating a company vehicle or performing any job-related duties, you should immediately assess your choices and figure out how you are going to handle the charges. Under these circumstances, you cannot afford to ignore any of your legal options.

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