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How common is underage drunk driving?

Previously, we reviewed some of the consequences that may come with underage drunk driving, from fines and license suspension to the different ways that these charges can interfere with school. If you are a young driver, a young person who rides along with friends or the parent of a teen driver, it may be helpful to understand how prevalent underage drunk driving is in Massachusetts and across the U.S.

Understanding the possible consequences of underage DUI

From costly and dangerous wrecks to license suspension, drunk driving can turn lives completely upside down. At Attorney John B. Seed, we know all about the various ways that people have had their lives ruined as a result of these allegations. However, for those who have not yet reached the age to legally consume alcohol, drunk driving charges can be particularly problematic.

5 possible collateral consequences of a DUI conviction

You have a lot to think about when you are facing a drunk driving charge. One of the main things you need to think about is your defense plan. While some people want to have a not guilty verdict at the end of the case, others simply want to ensure that they are facing minimal consequences. As you work on your defense plan, think about how these collateral consequences, which aren't issued by the court, might impact your life.

Is buzzed driving against the law?

On this blog, various drunk driving topics have been examined, from statistics on driving under the influence to some of the potential consequences of DUI. However, you may be wondering if buzzed driving is against the law, especially with some of the advertisements that are played across the country. In Boston, and all over Massachusetts, it is crucial to understand when the consumption of alcohol prevents one from legally being able to operate a vehicle.

How long will I lose my license for drunk driving?

If you are charged with operating a motor vehicle while drunk, you may face all sorts of penalties that can turn your life upside down, such as a prison sentence, stiff fines and social repercussions. In Boston, and all throughout the state of Massachusetts, DUI charges can also result in the suspension of your driver’s license, which can affect you in multiple ways. For example, it may become hard to get to work and you may no longer be able to run errands.

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