5 possible collateral consequences of a DUI conviction

| May 18, 2017 | Blog |

You have a lot to think about when you are facing a drunk driving charge. One of the main things you need to think about is your defense plan. While some people want to have a not guilty verdict at the end of the case, others simply want to ensure that they are facing minimal consequences. As you work on your defense plan, think about how these collateral consequences, which aren’t issued by the court, might impact your life.

#1: Increased insurance rates

Once you have a drunk driving charge on your driving record, you are likely going to face higher insurance premiums. This can continue long after you have taken care of anything that you are required to do by the criminal justice system. You might not notice the increase right at first since most insurance companies won’t do constant checks on your driving record. You will usually notice the increase when it is time to renew your policy since this is when most insurance companies check driving records.

#2: Problems running errands and paying bills

You might not have a driver’s license due to a suspension or revocation or might be instructed to use an ignition interlock device. Either of these might make it difficult to run errands and get your bills paid. You might have to rely on friends, family members and public transportation options to go buy groceries and take care of other necessities.

#3: Employability difficulties

Having any sort of criminal mark on your criminal record can make finding a job difficult. A drunk driving conviction, even once the sentence terms are completed, can make it hard to land any job that requires you to drive or have a clean criminal history. In some cases, you might not be able to get a management job or a job in the public service sector.

#4: Trouble finding housing

Some housing options might require you to submit your information for a background check. Even though a drunk driving conviction isn’t a violent conviction, it still might be enough to stop you from being able to land your dream apartment or the house you planned on moving our family into.

#5: Social impacts

The social impacts of the conviction can come in a host of ways. One of these is that you might not be able to consume alcohol if you are placed on probation. This could mean that you have to take a step back when you go out for a night with friends. Having transportation issues and lack of money since you have to pay fines can also put a damper on a night out.

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