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Man accused of DUI in Massachusetts

Drunk driving charges are very serious and have the capability of destroying someone's life. However, there are additional circumstances in which those accused of DUI may face even more difficulties. For example, someone who is accused of DUI while a child is in the car could face additional penalties that cause lasting problems in their lives. Aside from time behind bars and stiff fines, these charges could affect their ability to have a healthy relationship with their child and generate an intense stigma, especially with the rapid sharing of information in the digital age.

Implied consent and DUI penalties

Drivers who are suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol in Massachusetts will be asked to partake in a series of tests. One of these is a roadside breathalyzer, which measures the amount of alcohol in the system. Some drivers may think that the tests are voluntary and that there is no penalty for refusing them. However, while people have the right to say no, there are penalties involved due to implied consent.

The state of driver's license revocation

Certain violations of Massachusetts’s laws might lead to an individual losing the right to drive. With the deleterious economic and social ramifications of losing a license taken into consideration, most drivers choose to pursue a conditional license.

Drugged driving is on the increase

Most drivers in Massachusetts are aware of the penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol. However, driving after taking prescription medications can also have detrimental effects and lead to serious accidents. This was highlighted this summer after the arrest of Tiger Woods, who was found asleep at the wheel and failed the sobriety tests. It was found that painkiller use, and not alcohol, was the reason for his behavior.

You need to know how alcohol can impact your body and mind

Many people don't realize how alcohol can affect them. If you plan on heading out to some parties this weekend, take the time to review some of the basics regarding alcohol and your body and mind. This might help you to figure out whether you can safely drive. Getting caught driving drunk would definitely ruin your fun night.

Different types of field sobriety tests

If a law enforcement official pulls you over and suspects that you are driving while drunk, they may decide to conduct a field sobriety test. In Massachusetts, you are able to refuse to submit to a test, although this may present consequences as well (for example, refusing a breath test could lead to the suspension of your driving privileges). There are different types of field sobriety tests that are conducted, such as standing on one leg, walking heel-to-toe, and a test which involves your horizontal gaze. Failing a field sobriety test can result in harsh penalties, even if you were not under the influence of alcohol.

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