Man accused of DUI in Massachusetts

| Oct 27, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

Drunk driving charges are very serious and have the capability of destroying someone’s life. However, there are additional circumstances in which those accused of DUI may face even more difficulties. For example, someone who is accused of DUI while a child is in the car could face additional penalties that cause lasting problems in their lives. Aside from time behind bars and stiff fines, these charges could affect their ability to have a healthy relationship with their child and generate an intense stigma, especially with the rapid sharing of information in the digital age.

A man from Massachusetts was recently accused of operating a vehicle while intoxicated due to alcohol consumption. Moreover, law enforcement officials say that a child was riding with him in the vehicle when he was pulled over. The man, who was taken into custody at roughly 5 p.m., is apparently employed as a firefighter in Mansfield.

According to reports, the suspect was taken into custody in Attleboro. On top of charges accusing him of driving under the influence, he is also facing charges related to the endangerment of a child, driving negligently, and other offenses.

Each DUI case is unique and some contain details that require a very carefully constructed approach. If you have been charged with an offense involving alcohol intoxication while driving, you should not leave any stone unturned as you go over the details surrounding the incident. This can be an overwhelming position for people to find themselves in, but many have benefited from consulting a legal professional.

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