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Prevent a DUI with these practical alternatives

When you're out with friends or spending time with family, drinking can seem like an inevitable option. But after a couple of drinks, driving a vehicle may not be the best choice. If you drink more than you expected to, it could lead to your driving home while intoxicated, which can result in a DUI if you get caught.

How common is DUI in Massachusetts?

Across the country, many drivers are charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol, an offense that can destroy their lives in various ways (many of which have been addressed on this blog). However, in Massachusetts, drunk driving occurs even more frequently, according to statistics. It is important to know how damaging these charges can be and stay off the road after drinking, of course. However, some drivers may forget that they consumed enough alcohol to push them over the legal limit and in some instances, drivers may be falsely accused of driving under the influence.

Important things to know about DUI breath tests

It's irritating to be subjected to a breath test when you are pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. Even if you are irked by having to take the test, you need to pay attention to how it is administered. Try to remember everything you can because you don't know what point might seem unimportant until it is time to plan your defense.

Investigating suspected drunk drivers

When a person is suspected of committing a crime, police, state troopers and sheriff's deputies may take certain actions to determine what they think happened. This isn't always easy because there might be a lack of evidence. In the case of drunk driving (often referred to as OUI or DUI in Massachusetts), charges may be brought as a result of a law enforcement officer initially observing signs of intoxication in a driver.

When university policies interfere with medical marijuana use

With recent changes to marijuana laws in different states, millions of Americans are enjoying the benefits of medical treatments involving the use of marijuana. However, even though Massachusetts allows for the use of marijuana for certain medical purposes, some universities and colleges have not adjusted their policies to allow the use of legal medical marijuana on campus.

Halloween celebrations and DUI charges

During holidays such as Halloween, some people choose to drink alcohol as part of their celebrations. Unfortunately, this can result in drunk driving charges for those who take to the road afterward. If you were recently charged with driving under the influence on Halloween, you could be facing all sorts of worries and be unsure of what the implications of these charges will be. In this position, our law firm knows how essential it is to take a close look at your legal rights and prepare thoroughly.

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