Criminal defense strategies can take different forms

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Criminal defendants count on their attorneys to help them find ways to fight the charges they are facing. This isn’t always an easy feat, but there are some common strategies that attorneys use when they develop a defense for their clients.

It is important to realize that while similar cases may have things in common, no two criminal cases are exactly alike. Each case should be reviewed carefully by an experienced lawyer. Here are some tactics that criminal defense attorneys might use when they are fighting for their clients:

Questioning the evidence

The evidence that is presented is often the key to the prosecution’s case. Evidence can be questioned and discredited.

Any mistakes in the handling of evidence could mean that it can’t be used. In some DUI cases, for example, an attorney might be able to ask the prosecution to produce the evidence instead of just the testing results. This might be a useful strategy if there were drugs involved in the incident.

Scrutinizing witnesses

Witnesses are called to the stand during some trials. A skilled defense attorney will try to learn as much as possible about the witnesses the prosecution plans to call. Attorneys may look for anything that could make the jurors view witnesses as not being credible. If the witness is an alleged victim of a crime, it is important for a defense lawyer to exercise care in doing this.

Civil rights violations

Any potential violations of a defendant’s civil rights could be crucial to a successful defense.

For instance, if the police did not have an appropriate search warrant or failed to read your Miranda rights when you were arrested, your case could be thrown out. Civil rights violations can be difficult to prove, so defense attorneys must plan carefully if they intend to include them as part of your defense strategy.