What are additional consequences of a DUI?

| May 27, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

Getting a DUI in Massachusetts is serious business. Drivers who are convicted of driving under the influence face a number of stiff consequences. Major and life-impacting penalties may include jail time, fines and license suspension. However, there are other court-ordered programs that drivers are required to complete, and they take both time and money.

According to the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a DUI conviction results in the person being on probation. The duration of probation can last up to two years, and while on it the driver must meet certain requirements such as a driver alcohol education program and possibly an alcohol rehab program.

NFI Massachusetts states that alcohol education programs are designed to lower the risk of substance abuse and future DUIs by increasing awareness about alcohol and its negative effects as well as helping to change behaviors that lead to bad decisions. Licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the topics focus not only on driving under the influence but also how substance use can lead to other life problems. There are two programs – one for first-time offenders and one for second offenders.

The first offender program consists of 40 hours. They include an intake and discharge session, two hours of MADD, two self-help meetings and 32 hours of group sessions. The program for second offenders is longer and more intense, and it assesses whether the participant needs additional treatment. Along with 52 weeks of treatment and 30 self-help meetings, there are random breathalyzer and urine tests ordered.