High stress levels and field sobriety tests

| Jun 2, 2018 | Field Sobriety Tests |

There are a number of issues to take into consideration when it comes to field sobriety tests. Our blog has addressed some of the different factors that can adversely affect the results of these tests, such as struggling with balance or abnormal functioning in the brain. Moreover, there are other challenges that can adversely affect the outcome of a field sobriety test, such as extreme stress. If you have been pulled over by a law enforcement official, it is very important for you to attempt to reduce your stress levels. However, this can be a very unnerving experience and many people feel overwhelmed, which may even cause them to fail a field sobriety test.

High levels of stress can affect a person from a mental and physical standpoint. Someone who is pulled over may experience extreme levels of acute stress, which could cause them to have difficulty speaking or affect their memory. They may even start to shake or have trouble walking normally, in some instances. Moreover, someone may appear more intoxicated as a result of stress and the fight or flight response could cause someone who is completely sober to appear as if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Unfortunately, this extreme stress can cause someone to fail or perform poorer on a field sobriety test. There are many other problems people may face when they are pulled over for suspected drunk driving and it is essential to be prepared, visit our DUI section for more.