Are you facing a DUI charge for the first time?

| Nov 16, 2018 | Blood Alcohol Tests |

As a resident in Massachusetts who is currently facing a charge of driving while under the influence (DUI), it’s important to know where you stand. Attorney John B. Seed will help you understand what your options are as you prepare to fight to defend yourself in court.

The first thing to understand is the severity of your charge. Is it your first offense? Was anything happening at the time to elevate your charge to a felony rather than a misdemeanor, such as driving with minors in your vehicle at the time of your arrest? How high was your blood alcohol content (BAC) level? Did you get into a crash, or were you pulled over for other reasons? These factors will all impact the potential consequences you may face.

You should also keep in mind that refusing to take a breath test can have severe penalties. Your license may be suspended for up to six months if it’s a first-time offense, while a second time offense can result in a suspension of up to three years. In many cases, this is harsher than a penalty you would have faced for a DUI conviction.

Despite what it might feel like in the moment, being charged with a DUI is not the end of your world. You can take a look at our web page on DUI defense for a good place to start getting familiar with the legal processes that you’ll soon be dealing with. You can contact us for further discussion of your options as well, which may be a big help.