Man struck and killed, driver fails field sobriety test

| Feb 23, 2019 | Field Sobriety Tests |

When a majority of people hear about a fatal accident in Massachusetts involving an impaired driver, they often think immediately of someone who made the irresponsible, careless and selfish decision to drive after partying or having a wild night out. While these types of situations certainly do happen, other accidents may be caused by the uneducated mistakes of people who do not realize how dangerous certain drug reactions can be. 

A perfect example is a recent accident on the University of Texas campus when a bus driver struck a passing cyclist before dragging him over 100 feet to his death. The driver, who passengers claimed made no effort to brake or react when the cyclist entered her view, had been taking a series of prescriptions in the hours leading up to the crash. Each was legally prescribed to her by her health care provider, but when taken together, can potentially create dangerous side effects including drowsiness. 

The driver failed to pass the field sobriety test provided to her at the scene, and detectives were trying to figure out whether or not her medical conditions that required prescriptions had been discussed with her employer prior to the accident. The driver has yet to be charged with anything related to the incident. 

If people are under the suspicion of driving under the influence, they may benefit from working with an attorney. A qualified legal professional can provide defense against the findings of investigators to hopefully set the scene for a fair outcome in the court.  

Source: Statesman, “Bus driver who fatally struck cyclist possibly impair, warrant says,” Mary Huber, Feb. 19, 2019