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Criminal defendants have the right to a fair trial

While the majority of criminal cases are resolved through the use of plea deals, there are still some that go to a trial. Defendants who opt to pursue this option should remember that they have specific rights in Massachusetts. Many are guaranteed by the United States Constitution and have been clarified and upheld by the United States Supreme Court.

Out-of-state suspensions can lead to Massachusetts suspensions

It is not uncommon for Massachusetts drivers to head to big party cities like Miami and Las Vegas and get their driving privileges suspended or revoked. This may result from multiple DUIs in the area or a serious car crash. Many may then believe they can escape their driving records in Florida and Nevada by just heading back to Massachusetts like nothing ever happened.

Accuracy of both police and personal breathalyzers questioned

Thousands of convicted drunk drivers in Massachusetts may find their cases thrown out. According to 22News, this stemmed from questioning the accuracy of over 36,000 breathalyzer tests originally submitted as evidence. This could make them inadmissible for use in OUI cases, including those already successfully tried.

How accurate are field sobriety tests?

If you're suspected of driving under the influence in Massachusets, you'll likely be subjected to a field sobriety test. These tests are designed to determine whether a person is under the influence of alcohol or other substances behind the wheel and are considered a reliable way to determine a person's sobriety. But are they truly accurate? Very Well Mind explains how field sobriety testing works, as well as define their level of accuracy. 

Arrested for DUI? Here's what to expect at the station and onward

Most people know that an OUI or DUI accusation can lead to an arrest, but not everyone knows what happens after that. When you're arrested, you'll usually be taken to a police station for booking, unless a hospital is required due to your state of health at the time of your traffic stop.

How do I reinstate my suspended driver’s license?

Driving in Massachusetts is a privilege, not a right. As a result, failing to obey the laws of the road, including DUI and OUI violations, may lead to a suspension of your license. After you have served your driving ban, your license may not be automatically reinstated. There may be additional steps you need to follow to get your driving privileges back.

Massachusetts is one of the top 20 worst states to get a OUI/DUI

According to a 2016 article by Forbes, Massachusetts drivers who operate a vehicle under the influence may face up to 30 months of jail time, a license suspension that can last up to two years and fines totaling $500 to $5000. However, it is not just legal repercussions that make OUI charges especially troublesome. They may also lead to a spike in car insurance premiums and may stay on a driver’s record for years.

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