Can an OUI derail your career?

| Jun 20, 2019 | Uncategorized |

As you may be aware, getting an OUI, or drunk driving conviction, can affect your career and future employment. Imagine being an employer. You want to hire someone who can be at work on time, who is trustworthy and who is reliable. Then, you review the applicant’s background check and see an OUI. Now, you have to question if they can get to work on time and if they are reliable. You have to question if they would perform the job safely.

When you look at it from that angle, would you hire someone with an OUI? It’s possible, but it does significantly limit your options. That’s why it’s a good idea to defend yourself, even if this is a first-time offense. An OUI has consequences that can last for months or years, so you need to do all you can to avoid a conviction.

Losing your license isn’t the only problem

Losing your license isn’t all that can happen because of an OUI conviction. You will likely also see your insurance premiums jump up, which can be costly. Additionally, if you were looking into a job that requires driving, you’ll be very unlikely to get the position. Most employers would believe that you’d be too much of a risk and would think that your insurance would cost too much compared to a safer driver without an OUI on their record.

On job applications, you have to disclose if you’ve been convicted of a crime in the past. There’s no way to avoid telling your potential employer that you have an OUI on your record. If you do hide it and it comes out later, you could still lose your job.

Can an OUI derail your career?

If you already have a career, an OUI can still affect you. For example, your boss might decide that, based on your employment contract, a criminal record violates the terms of your employment. That could result in job loss. You could also face penalties such as the loss of a professional license, which would mean that you’d be completely banned from the career you were working in. This could happen to people like medical providers, who are entrusted with patient safety. It would be unethical to drive drunk, and a conviction could potentially cost you your license.

If you’re accused or arrested for an OUI, don’t go without the support you need. Legal support can help you prevent many of the negatives that could come from a conviction.