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Alcohol impairment affects driving abilities quickly

Some people think they can "hold their liquor" better than others. While this might be the case, the factor that is going to matter when you are pulled over for the suspicion of drunk driving is what blood alcohol concentration you have at the time. There are many different things that determine how your body will metabolize the alcohol.

What is the connection between blackout drunk and drunk driving?

Seeing young people become blackout drunk in Massachusetts is fairly common. Older people often follow this behavioral pattern as well. In fact, CNN reports that blackouts after binge drinking is extremely common. You may think of someone simply passing out. However, many people who suffer from blackouts are awake and may continue to participate in social and even intimate affairs. They simply do not remember what happened, and unfortunately, that may include getting behind the wheel.

Reasons people give for illegal activity

A lot of illegal activity comes with a basis around personal gain, but may be committed due to desperate circumstances. While someone robs a store in order to get something for free another person might steal to pay their family's bills. One person will break the speed limit to get to their destination faster while another races to make an important appointment.

Police can order blood drawn and tested while drunk drivers sleep

One of the main differences in Massachusetts drunk driving laws over other states is that drivers can currently refuse a breath test. However, what happens if drivers are asleep when the police conduct their search? Or, if they fall asleep while in police custody and after admitting to drunk driving? Can officers draw blood and test it for alcohol? Does that fall under implicit consent or is this unconstitutional?

Applying for a hardship driver’s license

Driving in Massachusetts is expensive. From the fees for a driver’s license to tickets, insurance and reinstatement, driving costs money. Driving also comes with grave responsibilities. Failure to take these responsibilities seriously could cost a driver, their passengers and other passersby their lives. Because of this, many states have rules in place regarding who can have a license and under what conditions it can be reinstated if suspended or revoked.

Can you get an OUI under 0.08% BAC?

The first time you heard about the legal limit of 0.08% for blood alcohol concentration was from your parents. They warned you, when you started driver's ed, that you should never drink and drive. If your BAC went over 0.08%, they told you, you could get a drunk driving charge or OUI.

Refusing a breath test does not eliminate DUI evidence

When a Massachusetts motorist is pulled over by the police on suspicion of a DUI, it is natural to want to avoid giving the police officer any incriminating evidence by avoiding a breathalyzer test. However, even if you are able to circumvent taking a breath test, this does not mean that a police officer could not offer other evidence that you had too many alcoholic drinks in your system while behind the wheel.

Stricter DUI laws may be on the way

Despite efforts from substance abuse centers, law enforcement, politicians, educators and even parents, drunk driving remains a problem in Massachusetts. While there are many people who get stuck with false convictions from faulty tests, or who really only had one glass of wine hours before heading home, there are millions of people in America who endanger the lives of others by regularly driving drunk.

Tips to avoid getting an OUI

A conviction for driving under the influence (OUI) in New Bedford can have devastating effects. It can wreck your career, cost you thousands in fines and fees, destroy personal relationships and even land you in jail.

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