Are study drugs appropriate for college students?

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College students have a lot of things to think about. For some who are just coming into higher institutes of learning, the realization that they have to behave as adults, set their own schedules and keep up with their courses can be very stressful. They may quickly realize that there aren’t enough hours to attend to these responsibilities, hold a job and still have time to spend with friends.

Students use a host of methods to stay awake to study. Some will go to a public location like a restaurant, coffee shop or library in the hope that they will be able to stay awake to get their work done. Others scale back social activities and use that extra time to study. It is also possible that some will turn to “study drugs” to be able to stay awake and help them to focus.

What is a study drug?

A study drug is a prescription drug that is a stimulant. Adderall and Ritalin are two common ones that are used by college students. These are primarily prescribed to people who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but the stimulating effect is what the scholars are after.

These drugs have become so popular that some students don’t see the problem with taking them. What they aren’t considering is that on top of the potential health impacts, there are legal consequences for selling them if you aren’t a pharmacy or buying them without a valid prescription.

Why is it illegal for students to sell their drugs or buy study drugs without a prescription?

Prescriptions are medications that aren’t available for the general public to purchase unless they have been given a prescription by a licensed doctor. They can only be legally obtained from a licensed pharmacy. Because they are controlled in this manner, it is illegal to share them with anyone other than the person to whom they are prescribed.

You can face the same penalties as a person facing a criminal charge for an illegal drug if you are caught selling your pills or buying someone else’s. Even if you only have them in your possession, you are still facing harsh penalties. One consequence is that you can lose your right to federal student aid if you are convicted of a drug charge.

It is best to use other methods, such as better scheduling or drinking coffee to stay awake, to help you study. If you fell into the trap of study drugs and got caught, your primary focus now must be fighting the criminal charge.