Do I really need a driver’s license to get a job?

| Aug 22, 2019 | Drivers License Suspension Or Revocation |

Many people in Massachusetts are surprised to learn that not having a driver’s license can limit their ability to find work. Even if you do not need to drive for work as a trucker, pizza delivery guy or cab driver, you may need a driver’s license as proof of identity. Some companies may also consider the reason you got your license revoked as a red flag. Note that an in-depth background check is required for many jobs, such as in security or banking, so a record leading to a suspension or revocation could cost you that job.

According to the Atlantic, conservative policymakers have urged people to get a job to earn their way out of poverty. However, having no driver’s license can make this next to impossible. Jobs that do not require a driver’s license tend to be those at which you may earn very low wages, such as blue-collar work. Not having a driver’s license might also make it difficult to get to work on time. Employers may take this into consideration when making their hiring decision, especially if you live some distance away from work.

Some job ad positions that the Atlantic identified as needing a driver’s license for the application included the following:

  •          Deli clerk
  •          Caregiver
  •          Eye-care associate
  •          Retail security officer
  •          Administrative assistant

Researchers and professionals representing clients in this area say it leads to a cycle of poverty. You may lose your license due to failure to pay fines related to DWIs and then find that you are unable to get a job without it. If you previously drove for a living, this can make the loss of driving privileges even more problematic.

This article provides information on how not having a driver’s license may affect employability. It should not be misconstrued as or used in place of legal advice.