4 ways a New Bedford OUI charge could prove costly

| Jun 15, 2020 | Drunk Driving |

If you are facing drunk driving charges in New Bedford, perhaps you are unsure whether to hire an attorney.

While hiring an attorney is not free, you need to weigh it against the cost of not hiring an attorney. Remember, an experienced OUI attorney knows the system and understands the laws. They can use this knowledge to find defense options that you might not have considered. Even if they cannot get your case dismissed, they will look for ways to reduce the consequences of an OUI charge.

These are some of the costs you may not have considered:

  • Lose your license: Consider how not being able to drive your car will affect your life. Would you still be able to get to work or would it take you hours to get there on public transport? Would you still have the same choice of jobs? How would you pick your kids up from a party?
  • Pay a fine: You could face a bill of between $800 and $5300 once you add on the associated fees.
  • Spend time in jail: Every day you are inside is a day you are not earning. Having jail time on your record may make getting a job more difficult when you are eventually released. Being in jail is no fun either.
  • Pay higher insurance premiums: This is one more cost you could do without and one that will repeat year after year.

Now that you understand more about the cost of an OUI charge, consider hiring a New Bedford OUI attorney if you are facing charges of drunk driving.