4 hidden consequences of a DUI conviction

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When you see drunk driving in the papers, the headline-grabbing stories are about the police catching drivers over the limit. You rarely see an article about a court acquitting someone of the charge. Yet courts do so more than you realize.

Defending an OUI charge will take time and cost money. Both may be things you cannot spare right now. Yet, the consequences of not defending against the charge could prove to be far more in the long run.

An OUI conviction can have consequences you might not imagine

If a court convicts you of drunk driving, it may impose financial penalties, a license ban, an ignition interlock and jail time. These can affect several elements of your life:

  1. Time: Losing your license could cost several people time, not only you. It may take your kids longer to get to school by other means. That may be fine on a warm summer’s day, but what about it they finish sport’s practice late on a dark winter evening?
  2. Expense: If you have to use taxis to get home after public transport has stopped, each late shift or night out becomes more expensive.
  3. Employment: Having a car increases the area you can search for work. An OUI conviction could cost you your job if you drive for a living or have a job reliant on a license issued by a professional body.
  4. Reputation: If convicted of an OUI, you will have a criminal record. People may treat you differently. Prospective employers may drop your application into the waste paper basket when they see the OUI on a background check.


There are many reasons to defend against an OUI charge. Before making a decision, you need to understand the full range of consequences and the defense options available.