You can’t buy a gun as a felon, but can you use one?

| Jun 25, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

It’s generally understood that federal and state laws make it impossible for most people with felony convictions to buy firearms. Any lengthy prison sentence may be enough to revoke a person’s right to purchase a gun. This is done in the name of public safety.

But what if you have served your time and moved on with your life? Sure, you cannot buy a firearm with your record, but can you use one? Can you borrow one from a friend if you’d like to go hunting, for example, or spend a day at the range?

Possession of a firearm is also illegal

You cannot, and the reason is that possession of a firearm is also illegal — not just purchasing one. If you knowingly have a firearm on your person, you are breaking the law. If caught, the police will not care that you didn’t buy it or that you can show that it belongs to someone else. You still have the gun in your possession, and that is enough to lead to some significant charges. Having access to a firearm is something the police take quite seriously.

The real ramifications of a criminal record

Maybe you have not yet been convicted on felony charges, but you’re facing them. This insight into your gun rights helps to show why it’s so important to consider your goals and the ramifications of the case. Accepting a plea deal or getting convicted in court can alter your life in many ways. You have to consider all of these when you are looking into your legal defense options and deciding how you would like to proceed.