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DUI charges and child custody

Many people recognize that drunk driving charges can create a variety of problems in a person’s life, from being sentenced to prison to losing their driving privileges and paying steep fines. However, people may not be aware of some of the other reasons why drunk driving charges are so serious. For example, they may interfere with a parent’s ability to spend time with their child. Whether a parent wishes to dispute a child custody issue or they are thinking about separating from their partner and are worried about who will have custody of the child, these charges can have a major impact on the outcome of such a case.

How do I know if I have had too much to drink?

Drivers in Massachusetts may think they know when they have had too much to drink before they get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, how you feel does not necessarily mirror what your blood alcohol content is. Different factors determine how alcohol is absorbed and, because of this, many people drive when they should not.

Reviewing some causes of teen drinking and driving

For teenagers across the country, daily life can present a variety of challenges. Some teens may struggle with stress related to school, while others work through disagreements with family members and anxiety about the future. However, some find themselves pulled over for drunk driving and a number of consequences may lie ahead in the wake of DUI charges (difficulty applying for college or a job, losing the ability to drive and even time in prison). Teens and parents struggling with underage DUI charges should handle the case carefully. For now, we will look into some reasons why young people drive drunk.

What is drugged driving in Massachusetts?

Drivers in Massachusetts understand it is against the law to drink and drive, but it seems they are not as clear as to the rules related to taking drugs and driving. The truth is, drugged driving has become a big problem in the state and getting convicted results in the same consequences as drunk driving. While it can be harder to prove someone is driving impaired, law enforcement continues to work on improving testing to make it easier.

What are additional consequences of a DUI?

Getting a DUI in Massachusetts is serious business. Drivers who are convicted of driving under the influence face a number of stiff consequences. Major and life-impacting penalties may include jail time, fines and license suspension. However, there are other court-ordered programs that drivers are required to complete, and they take both time and money.

Can I be convicted of another crime if drunk when committing it?

You already know that you can be convicted for driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances, but what if you committed another crime while drunk? That crime may be as small as petty vandalism or could involve destruction of Massachusetts public property. If you were too drunk to be aware of what you were doing, can you be convicted for the act?

Can I get my criminal records sealed for a DUI charge?

Considering how often things such as background checks and criminal records can impact your eligibility for employment, housing, credit and other major life factors, it is understandable that you are concerned about a DUI charge on your record, whether it was dismissed or convicted. Massachusetts offers the opportunity to petition to have your criminal records sealed, but is that available for a charge for driving under the influence?

What happens when minors fail breath tests?

When someone is pulled over by a law enforcement official and asked to take a breath test, the experience can be nerve-wracking. Many people worry about the consequences that may come with failing a breath test, and whether or not they are over the legal limit. Moreover, there are times when people may be especially concerned about the consequences of failing a breath test, such as a driver who is under the age of 21 years old. When it comes to underage DUI charges, carefully handling the situation is pivotal.

Can you refuse to identify yourself during a DUI stop?

One moment of inattention behind the wheel can lead a Massachusetts police officer to believe you are driving under the influence and weaving unsafely. When the officer pulls you over to determine your sobriety, you may be within your rights to be frustrated and angry, but what happens if you act on that frustration and anger by refusing to comply with the officer's requests? You may be legally allowed to refuse a breathalyzer with penalties, but what if you refuse to identify yourself at all?

What happens if you skip your DUI court hearing?

It finally happened. You were driving under the influence, and you got caught. Maybe you were weaving; maybe you even crashed. But your license has been suspended, you've got a mark on your record, and you've been ordered to appear in Massachusetts court for your DUI hearing. You may be thinking you can just skip the hearing; you already took the mark to your record, and now that you've been let out of the drunk tank you do not see much point in attending a hearing to confirm what you already know. So why not just skip it?

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