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What are the penalties for underage drunk driving?

When your teenaged child first gets their Massachusetts driver's license, you may face a number of fears about their safety on the highway. That fear compounds when you consider it is entirely possible your child may be engaged in a drunk driving accident. You want to believe that your child would never drive drunk, particularly when the legal driving age is so far from the legal drinking age of 21. But what if your child is convicted of underage drunk driving?

Approximately how many people drive drunk?

You may be considering taking a drive down Massachusetts highways with just a few drinks under your belt, assuming you can make it home safely without causing an accident and without being caught. You would be surprised how many people make that decision, and how often it ends in catastrophe or in a DWI charge. Rather than taking that risk, educate yourself on the average statistics of driver danger. But how many people really drive drunk, anyway?

Does driving while on drugs count as "drunk driving?"

When choosing to take to Massachusetts streets while under the influence of mind-altering substances, you may wonder if you can avoid any DUI charges if you are under the influence of not alcohol, but marijuana or other drugs. Because marijuana and narcotic drugs may not show up on a breathalyzer test, it can be confusing to know whether or not you can be charged for driving while under their influence. So does driving while on drugs count as "drunk driving?"

What are typical field sobriety tests?

If you are pulled over because a Massachusetts law enforcement officer suspects you of drunk driving, the officer may require you to undergo a number of field sobriety tests to determine if your level of intoxication is apparent enough to warrant a breathalyzer or potential arrest for driving under the influence. But what are field sobriety tests, and what do typical ones entail?

Driving under the influence of (any) drugs can get you arrested

Everyone knows that drinking and driving can result in a DUI/OWI if you are "over the limit." But you may be less sure about driving under the influence of drugs. How do they measure "drugged driving"? How do they know if it was a legal or illegal substance?

You can't fool the DUI breath test: Don't fall for the myths

A person pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving might be asked to take a breath test to determine what their blood alcohol concentration percentage is. The results can determine whether they will face criminal charges or license suspension for drunk driving.

How a drunk driving conviction can affect your career

A drunk driving conviction can affect many areas of your life. Your career is one of these areas. Of course, the best way to keep a drunk driving conviction from harming your career is to simply avoid getting the charge in the first place. But if you do find yourself facing a drunk driving charge, you need to plan your defense carefully.

Opioids and OUI

Drivers in Massachusetts who are taking pain medications need to know their use negatively affects the ability to drive. Just as drivers can be arrested for driving under the effects of alcohol, they can also be liable for driving when taking opioids, whether it is a prescription or not.

What is the difference between an OUI and DUI?

You never thought it would happen to you, but one late night you are making your way home after a few too many and think you can risk the drive. You do not think you are that drunk, but the police officer who catches you weaving down Massachusetts streets would beg to differ. Suddenly you are on the curb, trying to walk a straight line and recite the alphabet backward. You choose to take the breathalyzer and fail, and the next thing you know you have an OUI charge--not a DUI. So what is the difference between an OUI and a DUI?

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