MSP v. J.B. – Unlawful Possession Firearm at Airport


– East Boston Division BMC

– Mass State Police

– Client was traveling for business when he passed through TSA security checkpoint at Logan Airport. Security was immediately alerted to a suspicious item in his carry on bag. A state trooper pulled client aside and asked if he had anything on him that he shouldn’t. Client stated not that he was aware of. Agents searched through the bag and located a loaded Ruger handgun. The gun was seized and client was allowed to continue on his way, knowing that he would be summonsed to court. At the clerk magistrate’s hearing today, Attorney Seed was able to convince both the magistrate and the State Police prosecutor that there was no way the government could prove client knowingly possessed the gun as required by law. Additionally, Attorney Seed laid the foundation as to the type of person his client is and how he had been a law abiding citizen for over 60 years who was properly licensed to carry a firearm in two states for almost 30 years without incident. After a 10 minute hearing, the clerk denied the complaint and no charges were issued. Attorney Seed then escorted his client back to the State Police barracks and retrieved his firearm. Since the charges were not issued, Client maintains his clean record and can put this unfortunate situation behind him.

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