Client Reviews

Taunton – OUI – Not Guilty

I found John Seed on the internet. I contacted him and a few other attorneys and based on our initial conversation I knew he was the best attorney to represent me.

He was professional, knowledgeable, confident, upfront about all my options and possible outcomes. He listened and knew my objective. At each point he kept me informed of next steps, what to expect and I was confident that I was in good hands along the way.

I must give God glory as well because he heard and answered my prayers – We WON!

John made sure my case moved through the court schedule in a timely manner. I was found not guilty and John made sure I received the necessary paperwork and I got my license reinstated the same day.

John is an Awesome Attorney!!!

– Client (5 star review)

Malden – OUI – Not Guilty

A single word isn’t enough to fully describe my experience with Mr. Seed. From day one, John made me feel confident that I had chosen the right person to represent me and fight in court on my behalf.

His Professionalism, Experience and most Importantly knowledge of the Law was truely Exceptional. Being a lawyer of such quality im sure he has a heavy caseload; but he always treated me and my case as a high priortiy, which I felt and appreciated.

His dedication to my case was evident in the successful results and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for representation.

– King (5 star review)

Boston Municipal Court – Assault and Battery – Not Guilty

John Seed is a great lawyer; keeps you positive and makes you feel like you’re in good hands. He is excellent at what he does he – he beat my case! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

– Client (5 star review)

BMC Brighton – OUI Drugs / Distribution Class C – Dismissed

We found John Seed on the internet and hired him due to the great reviews. Everybody was right. John Seed was attentive, responsive and texted us back anytime we reached out to him. This was our son’s first offense, but it was very serious – OUI with possession and intent to distribute. At the arraignment John got the intent to distribute removed – that was huge. Our son had immediately gone to treatment and remained in a program. We went to court four times to show how well our son was doing in hopes of getting charges reduced. We were determined to minimize our son’s record. John was able to get the case continued several times to give our son more time to show he was doing well. It worked. John got the DA and the judge to agree to a pretrial probation. That is highly unusual for this type of case and will greatly minimize any record. We are so grateful for John’s professionalism, expertise and knowledge of the system. We were terrified, John was calming and always made us feel he wanted what was best for our son. He worked hard with us for the best result. We couldn’t be more pleased.

– Parent of Client (5 star review)

Fall River – OUI 2nd accident – Not Guilty

I was looking at my second OUI with loss of license for two years. My wife started calling attorneys and one that we called said he couldn’t take us on as clients but if he were in my shoes he would contact John Seed. We did and it was the best decision we could have made.

John walked us through all the scenarios that could happen. Changed strategies on the fly depending upon who the judges were that day. Continued the case when it was in our interest to. He was a calming voice when I was very concerned. He was caring and confident.

He was always prepared even after two years of appearances he always made me feel important and kept me informed of changes with the breathalyzer testing. He always returned calls promptly.

The day of the trial based on circumstances he recommended a bench trial with the judge and we followed his lead. Found Not Guilty on OUI! And got a continued without a finding with administrative probation only for a year for the negligent operation of a motor vehicle. No loss of license!

I will recommend John to anyone I know in this situation. Do yourself a favor and call John Seed. You won’t regret it.

– Greg (5 star review)

Wareham – OUI 3rd accident – Not Guilty

John took my case and did a fantastic job. He took my case to a jury trial and we won!

– Troy (5 star review)

BMC Dorchester – OUI (roadblock) – Not Guilty

John Seed exceeded my expectations with his knowledge and preparedness. I had full confidence in him as any advice he gave he had three reasons why this is what we need to do. His understanding of minute details in DUI law helped eliminate my breathalyzer but even that being said, I have no doubt that even with the test, he would have exonerated me in the eyes of the court. I highly recommend him!!

– Mike (5 star review)

New Bedford – OUI 3rd – charges reduced to 2nd offense

I was being charged with a 3rd offense DUI and faced a felony charge that carried mandatory prison time. Not only did John craft a strategy to reduce the charge and have me avoid jail, he was supportive and reassuring the whole time. I’d recommend him to anyone. His reputation and legal acumen spared my job, reputation and future.

– Client (5 star review)

New Bedford – OUI Drugs / Firearm charges Dismissed

John was with us every step of the way for an OUI Marijuana and Firearm case. He was able to give us all of our options, went over the motions he was going to file, and why he filed them. He was able to make a really complicated system very understandable for someone that has no background in law. He was responsive to phone calls and text messages, and I knew that he was doing everything he could on his side to get our case won. My son never lost his license, even for a day, and the case was dismissed! I would advise anyone that gets in trouble with the law to go to John.

– Meghan (5 star review)

Newburyport – OUI Drugs Dismissed

John was great! Always there to talk to when I needed information or any legal advice. The whole thing went smoothly and quickly and I am very thankful for him. He was able to get my case Dismissed!!

– Alyson (5 star review)

Brighton – Assault & Battery Clerk’s Hearing – charges dropped

John is very well prepared and professional. He explained what the future scenarios would be and told me realistic scenarios. I highly recommend John. He got the charges against me dropped.

– Owen (5 star review)

New Bedford – Leaving the Scene Clerk Magistrate Hearing

Attorney Seed fit the bill! So thorough & professional. Definitely made me feel at ease & assured me he would do his best & he did more than that! I would highly recommend attorney Seed to anyone seeking council! I can see why his firm has been so successful & it truly shows! I have the upmost respect and for sure admire his tenacity to say the least! Thank you again for all you do!

– Criminal Defense Client (5 star review)

Natick District Court – OUI Clerk Magistrate Hearing

Recently we hired Attorney John Seed for an OUI offense. From the first consultation call to our final meeting at the hearing, John was dedicated and professional. He answered all of our questions and then some, returning calls and text messages immediately. He was kind and “real” with our son – which is what was needed. The end result – all charges were dropped. We highly recommend attorney Seed to anyone seeking the professionalism and dedication from an attorney.

– Dee Dee – Parent of OUI Client (5 star review)

Norfolk Superior Court – Trafficking 100 lbs of Marijuana and Conspiracy

I was charged with cultivation over 100 lbs of marijuana, trafficking and conspiracy. John was able to help with this long case starting April of 2015 and was very responsive every time we needed him. It was a week long trial and the sentence was originally supposed to be minimum mandatory of 2 years, but with John’s dedication and efforts, my trial concluded with only 2 years of probation. Also I was charged by the Town Police Department for “electric stun gun, sell/possess” as well as “firearm, possess large capacity” and “drug, possess to distribute class D.” All these charges were dismissed at Quincy District Court. Conclusion: His thinking is very sharp and he can make decisions quickly and wisely as well. No matter what time of the day or how busy he is, John would reply as soon as he can and is a very reliable lawyer.

– Criminal Defense Client (5 star review)

New Bedford – Larceny charges

Atty John Seed is the most professional and supportive counsel ive had represent me. His willingness to lend his expertise and guidance the way he did went above and beyond the call of duty. I can’t thank you enough.

– Tim, Criminal Defense Client (5 star review)

Hingham – OUI 1st Offense

Attorney Seed was there for me when I needed him most. I was pulled over for going 10 mph over the speed limit, refused a breathalyzer and was arrested. Having never been in trouble with the law before, I didn’t know what to expect. Attorney Seed was very thorough in helping me understand the entire process. He was incredibly professional, knowledgeable and responsive. Within one week, the judge had agreed to the CWOF (continuance without a finding) plea and I had my hardship license 10 days after being arrested. Now, this is an INCREDIBLE turnaround considering how slow the justice system is traditionally. He handled everything with poise and confidence and is truly an upstanding gentleman.

– OUI Client (5 star review)

Fall River – OUI

I reached out to John the morning of my court date and he called me back within minutes. After talking to him for a few minutes I knew he was the one I wanted to represent me and my best interests. Once I got thru my arraignment John helped me choose the best option for me. He is a very professional and understanding person who put my mind at ease and explained everything in detail. I will be recommending him to everyone I know who happens to come into the same predicament that I found myself in.

– Nuno (5 star review)

Boston Municipal Court – OUI – Not Guilty

I was charged with OUI in 2016 for the first time in my life. As you could imagine the fear that overwhelmed me was unbearable. I contacted Attorney John Seed as well as a few other attorneys. He was the only lawyer I contacted that was able to answer all questions I had without hesitation and made me feel my case was top priority. He was honest and prompt from the very first time of speaking and meeting him. John was very easy to contact and kept me updated throughout the entire process which settled my uneasy feelings. If you’re looking for someone to represent you and get the results you want he’s the right attorney for you. I was found not guilty! I highly recommend John Seed to anyone and everyone!

– OUI client (5 star review)

Malden – OUI Case – Not Guilty

John seed took my case two years ago in 2015 of March. He dedicated his time and effort to my case 110%. He is professional yet charismatic and understanding. After two years, I was found not guilty. He helped me through each step and went above and beyond. He has great interpersonal skills and knows the law extensively. He facilitated my case through facts, and efficiently used the law to our advantage. He proved my Innocence by paying attention and always having my back. He is so incredibly good at what he does that he has taken two of my other friends cases and won one of them and is in the process of winning the second. I highly suggest you go with him. This was my second oui, although this second one I really was not guilty of. He is intelligent and great at using the facts to your advantage. He has made it possible for me to move on with my life and to further my career. I will always remember John Seed as a hero and I am not being overly dramatic when I say this. Every penny and every minute of the two years he spent working towards my unique case was worth it. He is great at what he does and he is passionate about what he does and who he represents. Today I am happy for the first time in two years because Attorney Seed took the initiatives of fighting for my case and cause.

– OUI Client (5 Star Review)

This is the lawyer you want on your side!!! – Domestic Violence – case dismissed

Attorney Seed assisted me with an extremely complicated case that was very emotionally troubling. He is very professional and understands the emotions that legal proceedings can cause and was very supportive. Most importantly, he TAKES THE TIME! He gave me his full attention and was not treated as just a number or a nickel and dimer. He was very prompt at getting back to me and was always available to speak with no matter how trivial my questions were. He answered all my questions fully and explored all possible outcomes that could arise and in the end we achieved the result I wanted. He seems to really understand the justice system fully from all aspects. He seems to be extremely ethical in his practice. I come from a background in healthcare and ethics are very important to me. I hope I never have to hire a lawyer again but I would recommend Attorney Seed to anyone and will continue to use him for all my legal needs in the future should any arise. To put it bluntly, PICK THIS GUY!!!

Thanks again John!

– Melissa (5 star review)

Represented my Daughter – Leaving the Scene of Accident – charges not issued

We had a criminal charge and a traffic violation. John Seed was fantastic through the whole process, from the initial consultation to the hearing. John was easily accessible by phone and immediately called or texted us back each time we had questions or concerns. In court, he was well prepared and gave my daughter the support and legal counsel she needed. The criminal charge was dropped and she only received a small fine for the traffic violation. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and highly recommend John Seed to represent your loved ones.

– Criminal Defense Client (5 star review)

Excellent Lawyer – Drug Distribution – Charges dropped

Mr. Seed was outstanding. He was extremely professional during all phases of our case. He returned calls and texts very quickly. He explained our options at each stage, and carefully outlined the pros and cons. I hope I won’t need him again, but if I do need a lawyer, he’ll be the one.

– Criminal Defense Client (5 star review)

A Calm voice in testing time – OUI – Not Guilty

John is very helpful, extremely responsive and a calm voice in a time of great worry.

– OUI Client (5 star review)

Top attorney in the area – Uttering False Prescription – Charges dismissed

John is a compassionate lawyer who will work his hardest to get the best possible outcome for your case!

– Criminal Defense Client (5 star review)

Thank you John – Criminal Harassment – Charges not issued

I called John after speaking with two other attorneys in the area, both of whom seemed more interested in telling me what a dumb mistake I had made with one of them even telling me that I had basically flushed by future plans down the toilet. Needless to say I wasn’t feeling too positive of my future when I called John. Within the first 5 minutes of talking to him I felt much better, he listened and didn’t judge but he also he didn’t sugar coat things he explained the best and worst case scenarios, he told me the plan and he never wavered from it. When I met him at the courthouse he thoroughly explained to me exactly what was going to happen. He followed his plan and thankfully it worked out in my favor. I think no matter who we are, we will make a mistake and if you are reading this, you have probably made a mistake of sort possibly big but hopefully small but either way you will need someone on your side who can guide you through things, I would highly recommend John as that guy. Good Luck!!!

– William (5 star review)

Highly Recommended DUI Attorney – OUI Charge – Dismissed

I hired John for my DUI arrest. From day one he was professional and communicative. He explained each step to me as it was coming up. John knew a lot of people in the district where I was arrested which was helpful. John was thorough with his follow up of my case and helped to get it dismissed before going to trial.

– OUI Client (5 star review)

Dedham – OUI 2nd Offense – Dismissed

From our first conversation all the way to winning my case I was put at ease knowing Attorney Seed was at the helm.

– William E. ( 5 star review)

Somerville – OUI 2nd – Not Guilty

Attorney Seed’s confidence level was so high, it impacted my outlook in a positive way. His knowledge about all aspects of my case was impressive…

– Robert M. ( 5 star review)

South Boston – Possession with Intent Class D – Dismissed

John is a superior lawyer. When I had my back against a wall, John was there for me and quickly got my case dismissed…

– James ( 5 star review)

Brighton – OUI – Dismissed

John Seed is the zenith OUI attorney in Massachusetts. He is prompt and very professional and got my charges dropped. I owe him a great deal of gratitude.

– Chaz D. ( 5 star review)

Quincy – OUI – Not Guilty

Attorney Seed kept me informed of all aspects and outcomes of the case and he was extremely professional and courteous. I was found Not Guilty!

– Geoffrey S. ( 5 star review)

Dedham – OUI accident – Dismissed

John scrupulously reviewed my case, thought of weak and strong points and outlined the strategy that proved to be correct thus resulting in winning my case. He proved to be highly professional, communicative, confident and knowledgeable.

– Max G. ( 5 star review)

Plymouth – DUI – Not Guilty

I can’t speak highly enough about John and the great job he did for me. He clearly explained the entire process and he was easy to reach through email, phone & text. I was found Not Guilty!

– Sarah B. ( 5 star review)

Amazing DUI Lawyer – Quincy

I had a really bad OUI case and was convinced I would go to jail. Not only did Attorney Seed help me avoid jail time, he got most of the charges dropped!

– Nick ( 5 star review)

Brighton – Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D – Dismissed

When in need, call Attorney Seed. He convinced the judge to dismiss a big drug distribution case against me. I’d absolutely hire him again!

– John ( 5 star review)

Chelsea – OUI 2nd Offense plea deal

I had a very successful outcome in court and I firmly believe I wouldn’t have had this with anyone else. Having him on my side helped my case greatly – he’s the best!

– John C. ( 5 star review)

Boston – A&B charges dismissed

I entered the process shaking like a leaf, only to be made peaceful and calm knowing justice will come. John is the best lawyer I have ever encountered. Trust your case to no one else. This guy is a winner.

– Brian ( 5 star review)

Framingham – OUI – Serious Accident

I wouldn’t have won this case with anyone else. John is incredible. He went to bat for me and I am forever grateful.

– Nichole ( 5 star review)

Boston – Distribution Cocaine – Dismissed

He’s a master at his craft. John was the only attorney I spoke with who had a game plan on how we could win my case. We won and it’s all because of John!

– Jose S. ( 5 star review)

Brighton – Noisy & Disorderly Home – Dismissed

John is a first-rate lawyer. He listens, carefully and he understands human nature – he’s exceptionally skilled at putting his clients at ease. I feel privileged to have had John at our side during trying times.

– Parent of BU student ( 5 star review)

Wrentham -Minor in Possession – Diversion Program

John was sensitive and genuinely caring about my son’s case and he represented him very well. He explained what would happen each step of the way. Thanks to John we achieved the best possible outcome.

– Parent of HS student ( 5 star review)

New Bedford – OUI – Dismissed

I truly felt that he was concerned with my OUI case. I did not just feel like a number or just another case – he definitely cared. In the end, all charges were dropped and my license was re-instated. If you have an OUI charge, John is the guy for you.

– Jack ( 5 star review)

Newton – Drunk Driving – Not Guilty

John is not only a fantastic lawyer, he’s an awesome person. John kept me informed, he kept my nerves at bay, and won my case!

– Sarah ( 5 star review)

Criminal Defense – Bristol County

He is courteous, hard working, quick thinking and a straight shooter. If you ever find yourself in need of a criminal attorney, do not hesitate to hire John! You will not be disappointed.

– Bob ( 5 star review)

Dorchester – OUI

I couldn’t be more thankful for everything my attorney was able to accomplish for me. He was able to get my DUI case seen quickly and I was very satisfied with the outcome. John is extremely knowledgeable and was able,and more than willing to answer all my questions. His personality was professional and his attitude showed that he genuinely cared about me and my case. I would highly recommend Attorney John Seed to anyone.

– Charles T. ( 5 star review)

Assault Dangerous Weapon – Peabody

I really appreciate what my attorney did for me even though it was a long process i am satisfied at the results i highly recommend this attorney to anyone who needs someone to count on. He’s the best lawyer I’ve ever had.

– Reggie, a Criminal Defense client ( 5 star review)

Attleboro – Larceny – Dismissed pre-arraignment

I honestly can’t put into words what a great attorney/person John Seed is. One value I think most attorneys lack is ‘service.’ Attorney and service are two words that usually don’t go together; however with John, they do. Each and every time I reached out to John, either via text, email or phone, weekdays or weekends, he responded – usually within minutes. He never once dismissed any question I had and took as much time as necessary to explain the answer(s). He is courteous, hard working, quick thinking and a straight shooter. If there was a rating above excellent I would give it to John. If you ever find yourself in need of a criminal attorney, regardless of the charges, do not hesitate to hire John! You will not be disappointed.

– Robert, a Criminal Defense client ( 5 star review)

Ipswich – Marijuana and BHO Cultivation – Dismissed

Great attorney and a awesome person. Always very responsive and pleasant. What better named attorney could a medical marijuana patient want? Cultivation, BHO manufacturing, distribution all dropped. He filed a motion for the return for all my property, grow gear, glass, vaporizers, and medicine.

– Rob, a Criminal Defense Client ( 5 star review)

Brighton – Domestic A&B, Violating RO – Not Guilty

Attorney John Brooks Seed is an outstanding lawyer. It was a complete honor to have him represent me. He has extensive knowledge of the law, puts a 100 percent of his attention in your case and delivers impeccable results. He is trustworthy, responsive and respectful. He is willing to work with you. By the time he is done representing you, you might want to become a lawyer yourself. John Seed is the doyen when it comes to law and is the BEST attorney i have come to know. I would recommend him highly to anyone.

– O. – a Criminal Defense Client ( 5 star review)

Norfolk County – Larceny charges / Heroin addiction

Writing this review is one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do. Words cant explain the man, attorney and friend that John is. John was first helped me four years ago when the court appointed him to my cases. I at that time was a career heroin addict and criminal. Not many people knowing my past had really been willing to listen or help me. John Seed is not that man! I was in danger. My life was a mess and I had no direction. John defended me on my cases, got me released, but showed concern about my well being. He insisted I try to get help, however, I wasn’t ready! Although I struggled to keep his expectations, I knew in my heart John and I were not finished. Two years later, still active in my addiction, 90 pounds lighter, and my life crumbling around me, John and I met again in the holding cells. Although he was not my attorney that day, I told him how my life was a mess and, as usual, the courts were not willing to listen to my plea. He handed me his card and, with that million dollar smile, he said “call me!”. Soon after we were talking about the severity of my situation, he took my case pro-bono. I was on the run now, and I had made it clear to John that I was not going back to jail. For the next year, I went through a half-way house, a sober-house, and built a life. John was there every step of the way; from encouraging words to legal direction. My cases were extensive; warrants in 3 different counties with the possibility of up to 8 years in prison. I walked in clean and sober, with my wife and kids back in my life, and John by my side. I knew he was going to fight for me as hard as he saw me fight for myself! I walked out of courtroom after courtroom those three days knowing how far I have come thanks to John. I am now home with my wife and kid, still sober. So to write a review on this attorney is selling him short! He is a friend, a trusted adviser, and just one hell of a man! I wouldn’t be here today without you John! If you go through life without meeting this man, it’s truly been your loss. If you need an attorney to represent you with honesty, integrity, and the balls to do what’s right, CALL JOHN SEED!

– Joseph, a criminal defense client ( 5 star review)

Leominister – Drunk Driving – Not Guilty

John Seed was quick to react and give me every angle of the possible scenarios concerning my case.  Everything he did and recommended proved to be  perfect for my case. He got me a not guilty verdict which was definitely appreciated and great work by him.  Thank you , John Seed!

– Jonathan, a DUI Client ( 5 star review)

Dorchester – OUI roadblock – Dismissed

Dear John, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate your hard work, effort, and kindness to my case. The moment I first saw you at the consultation, I knew that I had met the right person, and yet, you’d proved me right! And today, finally the wait has ended, we won! I can’t thank you enough for helping me during this past stressful time, you gave me not only confident but also trust! You are truly the best! Thanks again! And yes, I would refer you to everyone I know!

– Trang, an OUI Client ( 5 star review)

East Boston – Gun Charge Dismissed at Clerk’s Hearing

My family attorney, having known and tried cases against John Seed, referred me to him as someone he deemed most qualified to help me as I faced the possibility of being charged with a felony for having a prohibited item in my checked bag at a TSA inspection point. My first meeting with John confirmed that my family attorney’s referral had genuinely been in my best interest; I found John to be a careful and patient listener, who was easily accessible by text and by phone, and who kept me well-informed throughout every step of the process. Personable and with a great sense of humor, John helped me to feel relaxed in a very stressful situation. As a former prosecutor, he clearly enjoys the respect of those involved in all aspects of law enforcement, as well as access and insight into how the legal process works behind the scenes. Thanks to John’s understanding of the most appropriate way to approach my problem, I was spared from a felony charge that might have been very damaging to my life and career. As someone who grew up the son of a trial lawyer, I can especially appreciate John’s extraordinary degree of competence. If you need a lawyer, you will not find a better one than John Seed.

– Criminal Defense Client ( 5 star review)

East Brookfield – OUI & Negligent Operation – Not Guilty

John was great! He was honest about what the outcome could have been, he was confident and knowledgeable. John answered every text/ call. He was flexible with me and my situation. I have no complaints because he was amazing. We won the case 100% he is a great attorney.

– Amanda – DUI client ( 5 star review)

Parent of OUI client – Wrentham

We recently had an unfortunate situation where we needed a lawyer for our child. We contacted John on a weekend and was surprised when he returned our call soon afterwards. After John gathered all the information from us, he advised us of all our options. John is extremely knowledgeable, discussing each and every option in detail with us and the possible outcome for each one. He was extremely patient with our endless questions and never rushed his explanations. John expedited things quickly and efficiently. Not once did he ever give us the feeling that he was steering or pressuring us towards unnecessary services that would require additional output of a larger fee for him. John is the opposite of all the negativity surrounding most attorneys. We would not hesitate a moment recommending John to anyone looking for a great lawyer. We were so fortunate to have had John by our side during our entire ordeal.

– Linda ( 5 star review)

Wrentham – OUI plea deal

Earlier this month, I had the misfortune of being arrested for a first OUI offense. Although I had made some bad choices the night of my arrest, I am relieved to say that I made the right choice in calling John Seed. Within an hour of leaving John a message the day following my arrest, he texted me back to let me know he had gotten my message and that he would be reaching out later that day. His attentiveness blew me away!

During that first phone call and during every call and meeting thereafter, John was very thorough in explaining what options I had, what his recommendations were, and ultimately what our strategy was going to be moving forward. He did a wonderful job of making my parents and I feel comfortable and at ease. Not once did John make me feel like “the bad guy.”

With John by my side, I finished all of my appearances in court within four days of my arrest, and I now have a game plan for putting all of this behind me.

I am forever grateful to John! His knowledge and expertise of the law and the courts gave me an edge I would not have had otherwise. His sincere desire to help me so that my case had the best possible outcome was also apparent. This man does not mess around, and he WILL get the job done.

If you’re unsure of who to call, don’t hesitate to call John! You won’t be sorry you did — I sure as heck am not!

Thank you John!!!!

– Lauren, a DUI Client ( 5 star review)

Quincy – Improper Storage Firearm – Dismissed

I had no idea where to go or what to do. John Seed took care of everything. He kept me informed throughout the whole process and got me the end result I was looking for.

– J, Criminal Defense client ( 5 star review)

Somerville – OUI – Not Guilty

I can not recommend Attorney John Seed highly enough. This is the Attorney you want. I did not know John before I needed an Attorney, but I wish I had. The Highlights:

* Attorney Seed fought for and achieved a NOT GUILTY verdict on all Criminal Charges, including an OUI Charge. Someone you can TRUST to fight for you and do what is in your best interest.
*Throughout the 6 month process John always kept me informed of the process, and explained all the steps up to and including Trial.
*Always a fast response from John. Whether it be a call, email or text, John was always quick to respond to a question I had. I first contacted him on a Sunday afternoon, I heard back within an hour.
* He has a good relationship with the Judges, Prosecutors, and Law Enforcement. It was clear he was respected within the courtroom.
*Upfront and honest about his pricing from the very beginning. Worth every penny.
* Just a good guy. It is difficult picking an Attorney blindly, I’ve been there. You will be in good hands with John.

Again I can not recommend John highly enough. Feel free to ask John for my number if you would like to speak to someone who has been through the process with John.

Thank you John!

– Will, a DUI client ( 5 star review)

Beverly OUI – Not Guilty

I hired attorney Seed after I was arrested for a dui. Being the first time that I had been arrested, you can imagine how nervous and hopeless I felt. John Seed took on my case with great confidence and gave me peace of mind throughout the trial process. Three months after my arrest, we went to trial and won! Attorney Seed immediately had my license reinstated. I can not thank him enough for the time that he put towards my case and for getting a not guilty verdict . I would recommend attorney John Seed to anyone who is having legal issues.

– S.L. – a DUI client ( 5 star review)

Boston OUI – plea deal

It was clear from the start that John would be my choice in representation for DUI. The case was a complicated one, and required much back-and-forth between him and I. He always made himself available to answer questions, finding time weeknights and weekends to discuss the details of my case.

Above all, it was John’s expertise that stood out. He brings to the table what many other DUI lawyers cannot – a true understanding of both sides of the law. This is what allowed us to strategize appropriately, and achieve the result we both wanted.

Thank you John, for all of the extra time and effort put in!

– OUI client ( 5 star review)

Salem District – Heroin charges dropped

John Seed is not only a great attorney, he’s a great guy. He’s down to earth and cares about what is going on with you and not just in the courtroom. I’m an addict who has a pretty lengthy record. I had been clean for about 4 years when I relapsed. I found myself again facing charges this time trafficking and smuggling heroin. Not was I facing more charges but I had a lot more to lose. Married with two kids and a mortgage I was worried that I might have just broken my family up for good. I called every attorney in the greater Boston area. They all said the same thing, I was looking at a lot of time and it was gonna cost me to the tune of ten grand. I was not very optimistic but I made one last call and it was to John. I got his voicemail and it said I will get back to you some times within moments so I hung up thinking yeah right. A minute later he called back and for the first time since I was arrested I felt like there might be a chance. I just walked out of court the other day with 6 months of unsupervised probation. If I come back and prove after 6 months that I’ve stayed clean and on the right track all charges will be dropped. So if you feel like there is no hope don’t make the same mistake I did and have John be your last call, make sure he’s your first. Thanks again John.

– Rob B. ( 5 star review)

13 year OUI 2 probation warrant – terminated


Mr. Seed’s Knowledge, respectability, patience and helpfulness is the reason I got through this tough situation. He was always there whenever I had a question or a doubt, very professional inside the courtroom and sympathetic to my needs and my story. At no time did he look down on my situation and never judged me, he defended me to the best of his ability. I would highly recommend him in any situation.

– Mike, a DUI Client ( 5 star review)

Plymouth – OAS for OUI – charge reduced

I’d like to take a moment and thank attorney John Seed

I recently found myself having to answer to multiple felonies and misdemeanors in the Brighton District Court
years of incarceration weren’t out of the question,

as if that wasn’t enough’ I also found myself simultaneously facing a driving after third DUI suspension in Plymouth District Court
which all on its own carries a 60 day mandatory sentence
I was in serious legal trouble

it seemed that real jail-time was inevitable for me

*however, upon meeting attorney john seed I knew instantly that I was in a brilliant attorneys full professional care and consideration

at first site I knew he would do an amazing job for me..
AND THAT HE DID! at every turn John proved himself an amazing legal strategist
John’s legal expertise and inner understandings of the courts were instantly evident, in addition this man was overflowing with compassion for me and my family.
John genuinely understood my concerns and never wavered from bringing unparalleled professionalism, from the very beginning to my cases final favorable conclusions
John is clearly a good honest attorney
his firms hiring rates are amazingly within reach,
even someone such as myself struggling financially without a license could afford this amazing firm,
I was so relieved to have John around throughout these whole proceedings
he spared no effort to make sure no harm would come to me (and it didn’t)

John’s expertise compassion and understanding is truly second to none

thank you John
Evan and family

– Evan, a criminal defense client ( 5 star review)

Concord Court – OAS for OUI

I recently got pulled over for driving on a suspended license after my 2nd OUI. The mandatory penalty for this is 60 days in jail. This is mandatory, no getting around it. I truly didn’t feel like I was a threat to society so instead of letting the state take away 2 months of my life, I decided to fight it. I interviewed 3 lawyers so I could see who was the most qualified and motivated to fight this with me. John Seed made the biggest impression with me because of his past history as a DA and because he didn’t sugar coat anything.. ‘Most lawyers will’. Throughout the whole process he was very patient explaining everything to me in simple terms that I could understand and he always gave me multiple options on how we wanted to move forward with the case. John didn’t quit or try and take the easy road, even after I had paid him in full. He explored EVERY last option we had and when everything was all said and done, my charges got reduced and I stayed out of jail. This had never been done in Massachusetts before and I am certain I would not of had this result with another lawyer. His ability to communicate with the judge and the da without stepping on any toes is something of an art form and nothing short of brilliant. I feel very grateful and fortunate to have had John Seed and my lawyer.

– Andrew ( 5 star review)

Woburn OUI – Not Guilty

I recently retained Attorney John Seed to represent me in a DUI case out of Woburn District Court. I knew I made the right decision to hire him from our first meeting (which he came to me due to the fact that my license had been revoked) until the time the jury found me NOT GUILTY. He was very knowledgable in every aspect of my case. He was able to get a lot of evidence thrown out of court. He was also very good at questioning the arresting officer and convincing the jury that I was innocent. Not only was I found NOT GUILTY on my DUI charge, but I was also found not responsible on all 4 of the other moving violations I was charged with. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I hadn’t hired Attorney Seed. He is a great person and a great attorney. I highly recommend him. Thanks for everything John.

– Joe, an OUI client ( 5 star review)

Dorchester OUI Roadblock – dismissed

-I normally don’t write reviews but I felt an exception had to be made for John’s above great services.

I hired John Seed after being arrested for my first OUI. Anyone who has lived through this experience will tell you how horrible and helpless this experience makes you feel. After calling Mr. Seed the following morning I immediately felt at ease with my situation. John took the time to answer all my questions thoroughly and walked me through all the options we had. Once we decided what angle to take John executed the plan immaculately and adjusted it as necessary while keeping me informed. My case went on for 7 months due to an over booked court but eventually ended with a truly positive outcome. John was a true pleasure to work with and handled himself in a respective yet personal manner. I am extremely grateful to have had John in my corner and strongly believe the same results could not have been achieved without his assistance. If you’ve ran into some trouble call attorney John Seed!

– Jairo, an OUI client ( 5 star review)

Salem District Court – OUI accident

If I could give John Seed 10 stars I would. His help was invaluable, he walked us through the process, was personable, knowledgeable, and forthright. I would highly recommend Attorney Seed to anyone. Money very well spent on his representation. A great lawyer.

– Charlene – Parent of OUI Client ( 5 star review)

1983 Brighton OUI – case reopened and dismissed

To start with John is very accessible. He either answers his phone or calls back very quickly. He responds to emails and texts very quickly as well. When you are facing a legal challenge this is huge. Often as a client you are fearing the worst and a good attorney can put things in proper perspective. John listens 1st and advises 2nd. I had a challenging DUI case and interviewed 11-12 attorneys. John separated himself from all others by really listening, understanding the complexities involved and coming up with a plan. He followed through on everything he said would do . John clearly knows the legal system well, knows what to push for and when. Fortunately for me my case ended up in a dismissal, thus I did not get to see John in action during a trial but my gut tells me he would be thoroughly prepared and fearless. I do not get the impression John would be intimidated by any DA easily. I highly recommend John for anyone needing a class act criminal attorney. Lastly John’s fee’s are very reasonable for the service he provides.

– E, a DUI client ( 5 star review)

Brighton – assault dangerous weapon – pre trial diversion

After reading some of the other reviews, there is not much more i can say that hasn’t already been said about Mr. Seed. I reached out to John the day after being charged with a very serious crime (Assault-DW) and from day one John was extremely knowledgable and supportive about the entire situation, not only did he provide very clear and direct advice, he took every step and measure possible to make sure that my quality of life would not be impacted until all due process was completed (ended my mandatory drug testing and also was able to request my presence not be necessary after a last minute emergency came up at work). With that being said John was able to resolve my situation in a very short amount of time with a very favorable resolution, which resulted in minimized legal fees and the entire process was resolved relatively quickly. He’s a smart man, very down to earth, funny, and is extremely respectful of your opinion and situation, i mean what more can you ask for in an attorney…

– Mike ( 5 star review)

New Bedford – OUI accident dismissed

Attorney Seed was very knowledgeable very straight and upfront. He went above and beyond for me and was there when I needed him for anything. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer that knows his stuff. Thanks for the win today I am forever grateful to you.

– Heidi, a DUI client ( 5 star review)

Haverhill – OUI 3rd – Not Guilty

Attorney John Seed has been great since day one. He was always open and honest about what we were facing and what the process would be like. He was very dedicated, he always returned our calls and answered any questions we had. This was for a 3rd DUI case, which ended with a not guilty verdict. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience in this situation.

– Pete – DUI client ( 5 star review)

Fall River OUI 2nd Offense – Not Guilty

I recently hired Attorney John Seed for my OUI case this year. Throughout this entire case , Attorney Seed always communicated with me through text and phone updating me on facts, points and expectations of my case. Straight forward and honest, Attorney Seed made me feel comfortable during this stressful time and he gained my trust for always being prepared and knowledgeable of my case. The pinnacle came on 9/6 when Attorney Seed defended and won my case. Dismissed!! I couldn’t be happier with the process and result. Attorney Seed met and exceeded my expectations.

– David ( 5 star review)


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He is courteous, hard working, quick thinking and a straight shooter. If you ever find yourself in need of a criminal attorney, do not hesitate to hire John! You will not be disappointed.

– Bob (5 star review)