Protecting Your Future Against The Damage Drug Charges Can Do

The government takes drug charges very seriously. Penalties for drug crimes have increased to the point where drug crimes now carry some of the most severe consequences of any nonviolent offenses.

If you are facing such harsh penalties, you deserve a defense that understands drug cases, what matters in them and how to secure the best possible results for you.

Our firm offers its experienced defense against charges related to:

  • Marijuana
  • Heroin
  • Prescription drugs (Oxycodone, Fentanyl, Vicodin, etc.)
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine

Protecting Your Fourth Amendment Rights From Illegal Searches And Seizures

A strong defense often begins with examining if there were any violations of a person’s Fourth Amendment right to be free from illegal searches and seizures. The police must follow certain protocols when searching for evidence. If they do not, and they violate your constitutional rights, we will fight to have that evidence blocked from the case. A drug case without any drug evidence is likely to be dropped.

How Can Drug Court Or Diversion Help You?

Different courts take different approaches to helping people find the help they need to avoid getting into trouble with the law again. Some have drug courts and some have diversion programs. But, in either case, the focus is on looking at a person’s record, his or her history and other factors to help identify the best way to help them. More and more judges are open to making substance abuse treatment as part of the answer.

We understand the terrible effect addiction can have on individuals and the people who love them. We can help people identify and pursue the various treatment options which are available to them either privately or through the courts.

Defense From A Former Boston Prosecutor

At the offices of Attorney John B. Seed, we are committed to defending the rights of those facing drug charges. We know the possible consequences you may be facing, including substantial prison time. With so much on the line, you deserve representation that understands the ins and outs of building the strongest case for you.

John B. Seed is a former Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney who supervised the Brighton District Court. He uses his experience as a former prosecutor to help him anticipate how a prosecutor may approach your case. Let him use that insider’s knowledge to build the defense you deserve.

Boston Drug Charges Attorney Serving All Of Eastern Massachusetts

If you or someone you love is facing drug charges, turn to Attorney John B. Seed. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers, call 508-817-3194 or contact us online.

We have offices in Brighton and New Bedford to make our services more accessible.

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