Commonwealth v. R.B. – Poss. Class A; Deliver Drugs to Prisoner

– 12/23/14

– Salem District Court

-Essex County Sheriff

– Client was traveling through MA after purchasing heroin. He was stopped by the Mass State Police and placed under arrest for outstanding warrants in another jurisdiction. He was then transported to the Middleton Jail for holding. During routine search, it was discovered that Client had several bags of Heroin still on his person. The Essex Sheriff charged Client with Possession of Heroin and Delivering Drugs to a Prisoner. After hiring Attorney Seed, who negotiated extensively with the DA in Salem, the Delivery charges were dropped and client was given a 6 month Continuance without a Finding. Since the arrest, client has been clean and sober and continues to participate in counseling and drug testing. Due to his hard work getting clean, Client gave Attorney Seed the best leverage to gain a favorable outcome in court. As long as Client maintains his current counseling and therapy, along with providing clean tests, his charges will be dropped after 6 months.