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An ignition interlock device could get you back on the road

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts takes drunk driving charges very seriously. The state usually calls these offenses operating a motor vehicle under the influence (OUI), and the potential penalties include fines, jail time and the suspension of your driver's license. Many people facing OUI charges worry about the potential for jail time. It isn't until they've learned the consequences that they start to realize the serious impact of losing their license.

Not being able to drive puts you at the mercy of public transportation, ride sharing services or the goodwill of your friends and co-workers. Not only could it impact your ability to get to work on time every day, it could also leave your family vulnerable if you can't seek emergency medical care or run errands. Thankfully, Massachusetts offers an ignition interlock device program that allows some people convicted of OUI offenses to maintain the privilege of driving.

License suspension as a parent

Whenever anyone loses their license, daily life can become incredibly complicated. However, this is often especially true for those who have kids. If you are trying to move forward after having your license suspended as a parent, it is important to make sure that you understand which conditions have to be satisfied for you to be able to drive again. In this post, we will examine some of the consequences of license suspension from a parent's perspective.

When someone is charged with drunk driving, they may feel humiliated and could suffer social and career-related problems, as we have discussed on this blog. Losing a driver's license, however, can make life complicated in many ways. A parent may be unable to drive their child to and from school as well as extracurricular activities, which can make daily life challenging for a child. Parents may also be unable to bring their kids to other commitments and enjoy simple activities, such as spending the day at a beach with their kids. A parent may also be unable to drive to work, requiring them to make certain changes to their schedule and even affecting their finances due to an inability to work.

Plea hearings can play an important role in your criminal case

When you find out that you are being charged with a crime, you have to make some decisions fairly quickly. In many cases, you will have to choose how you are going to plead in the case. This is very important because it determines what happens next.

In some cases, your plea hearing might be run in tandem with another hearing. You might be asked to enter your plea very early in the criminal case. Typically, the court where your case is filed can have an impact on this.

License suspension and your job

There are all sorts of reasons why having a suspended license can make life tough and our blog has covered some of these issues. For example, you could be unable to transport your children to and from school or you may have to miss out on some of your hobbies and interests because you cannot drive. However, license suspension can be especially concerning with respect to your job and we will take a closer look at this matter in this post. Many people across the state of Massachusetts have struggled with having their driving abilities taken away and it is essential to not only know how this could affect your life, but what your options are.

For starters, when someone has their driving privileges taken away due to drunk driving, they may not be able to drive to work or drive home from work. As if this is not challenging enough, other problems may arise. For example, they may have to take a bus or ask someone else to drive them to work, which could interfere with their morning routine, or they may not even be able to get to work on time, in some instances.

Your drunk driving charges: Evidence might outweigh BAC tests

Being stopped on suspicion of drunk driving isn't a pleasant experience. Many drivers think that if they pass the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test, they won't face the DUI, DWI or OUI charge. But it's possible for other evidence to outweigh those results.

It is important for anyone who is stopped for drunk driving to understand certain things about their rights. These might provide help with your defense if you have been charged.

DUI charges and child custody

Many people recognize that drunk driving charges can create a variety of problems in a person’s life, from being sentenced to prison to losing their driving privileges and paying steep fines. However, people may not be aware of some of the other reasons why drunk driving charges are so serious. For example, they may interfere with a parent’s ability to spend time with their child. Whether a parent wishes to dispute a child custody issue or they are thinking about separating from their partner and are worried about who will have custody of the child, these charges can have a major impact on the outcome of such a case.

If you were accused of drunk driving and are preparing for a custody dispute, you should have a clear understanding of all of your legal options. You should make sure that you defend yourself properly with respect to the DUI charges you are facing. Or, if you have already moved on from the case, it is important to understand how the outcome of your DUI case could affect your attempt to secure the custody of your child.

Beware of drunk driving this summer in Massachusetts

People who are going on vacation often adopt an "anything goes" attitude in their quest to relax and enjoy their trip. While this is a good attitude to have with most things, it shouldn't ever apply to drinking and driving.

There is almost nothing that can ruin the fun of a vacation faster than being arrested. Unfortunately, that is exactly what might happen to some individuals who aren't careful to avoid driving after they've had a few drinks.

How do I know if I have had too much to drink?

Drivers in Massachusetts may think they know when they have had too much to drink before they get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, how you feel does not necessarily mirror what your blood alcohol content is. Different factors determine how alcohol is absorbed and, because of this, many people drive when they should not.

Stanford University discusses a variety of factors that can affect how alcohol is metabolized, which affects how intoxicated one may look or feel. Gender usually plays a big role, and most men can drink more than women before reaching the same BAC. Not only do males weigh more (which is a factor in metabolism), but women are also not able to metabolize alcohol as well due to the lack of necessary enzymes. 

Reviewing some causes of teen drinking and driving

For teenagers across the country, daily life can present a variety of challenges. Some teens may struggle with stress related to school, while others work through disagreements with family members and anxiety about the future. However, some find themselves pulled over for drunk driving and a number of consequences may lie ahead in the wake of DUI charges (difficulty applying for college or a job, losing the ability to drive and even time in prison). Teens and parents struggling with underage DUI charges should handle the case carefully. For now, we will look into some reasons why young people drive drunk.

In high school and college, peer pressure can be incredibly difficult for students. Many students fear that if they do not drink or participate in a certain alcohol-related activity such as beer pong, they will lose their popularity and suffer other social ramifications, such as losing a close friend in some instances. Moreover, teens may feel pressured to drive even though they have consumed alcohol or get in the car with someone else who has been drinking. 

Legal marijuana use doesn't mean you can drive while you're high

Some people tend to think of marijuana as a harmless drug without any negative side effects. With the changes in Massachusetts' laws regarding marijuana use, it is important to remember that even though you may be able to use the drug without legal repercussions, you aren't free from other laws surrounding it.

One legal issue you need to be concerned about is impaired driving. You can't drive while you aren't physically or cognitively able to handle it. Marijuana's effects can have a significant impact on users' abilities to operate their vehicles. Here are some important things to know about impaired driving.

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