Firearm Charges in MA

| Dec 7, 2013 | Criminal Defense |

There are a wide range of Massachusetts’ state laws pertaining to firearms. As defined by MA legislature, the term “firearm” itself refers to “a pistol, revolver, or other weapon of any description, loaded or unloaded, from which a shot or bullet can be discharged,” and that has a barrel measured at 16 or 18 inches, depending on the individual device. The laws may be complex, but fortunately OUI expert Attorney John B. Seed is in the Boston area to help clients avoid possible firearms charges.

After all, whether or not one is an official resident of MA does not matter in the eyes of the law; if a person owns a firearm, it MUST be lawfully obtained and officially registered – no exceptions. Illegal possession of a firearm extends to every aspect of possession not aligned with these careful measures; therefore, owning and operating a firearm without a permit, having a machine gun or a sawed-off shotgun notprovided by law, or knowingly maintaining a firearm under one’s control in a motor vehicle, will all harm a person potentially charged with a firearms-related crime. Carrying an unlicensed firearm anywhere carries with it a minimum mandatory sentence of 18 months, and a maximum of 2.5 years in jail, or up to five in a state prison. Standard procedure of today’s prosecutors is to request a sizable bail, typically $10,000, at the minimum.

If charged with a gun crime in the state of Massachusetts and then found guilty, a person is unquestionably facing jail time. Why risk this outcome? Hire an experienced attorney, one who has had experienced success with gun charges, first as a prosecutor, and now as a defense attorney, to protect yourself from a damaging felony charge.