Understanding the possible consequences of underage DUI

| May 19, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

From costly and dangerous wrecks to license suspension, drunk driving can turn lives completely upside down. At Attorney John B. Seed, we know all about the various ways that people have had their lives ruined as a result of these allegations. However, for those who have not yet reached the age to legally consume alcohol, drunk driving charges can be particularly problematic.

Teens may get behind the wheel after drinking for numerous reasons. Sometimes, a young driver may not realize that he or she had alcohol in their system when operating a motor vehicle, while others may feel pressured by their peers to carry out risky behavior. Unfortunately, those who are under 21 and drive with alcohol in their system may find their entire lives upended.

On top of the loss of a driver’s license, fines and even time behind bars, DUI charges can wreck the lives of young people in other ways. For example, a minor may struggle in school or have problems with their friends or family members. Moreover, parents can be incredibly stressed out when their children find themselves in this position.

If you have charged with underage DUI, or have a loved one who is going through this, it is essential to carefully assess all avenues and handle the charges appropriately. After all, the outcome of a DUI case can have a long-lasting impact on a young person’s life. If you go have a look at our DUI defense page, additional information on topics related to underage drunk driving can be found.