How many people are apprehended for DUI per year?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

For those charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol, all sorts of challenges may lie ahead. Each year, many people are taken into custody over these allegations in Boston, and in other cities across Massachusetts. For those who have been accused of this offense, it is essential for them to stand up for their legal rights and go over their different options, since these charges can have a major impact on their future. For example, they may have a hard time finding work years later.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that over the course of 2015, almost 1.1 million people were taken into custody over allegations that they were driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drug use. Furthermore, it is essential to keep in mind that many more people have reported that they drove drunk, but were never taken into custody. In fact, American adults report 111 million instances of drunk driving each year, on average.

From time behind bars to the loss of driving privileges and a harsh stigma, this blog has discussed many of the various consequences that people in this position frequently have to deal with. As a result, you should be sure to compare any options that are on the table closely and make sure that you have identified the path forward which is most sensible. In fact, taking a careful approach to these charges has helped some people who were accused of driving under the influence secure an outcome that is more favorable.