The impact of drunk driving on child custody

| Sep 16, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

We have explored many of the different ways in which those charged with driving under the influence are affected. From the loss of their driving privileges to prison time and costly fines, these charges can certainly make life challenging in different ways. However, drunk driving charges can create additional hardships for people in ways that are often overlooked. For example, drunk driving can spell trouble for those who are in the middle of a custody dispute, or anticipate that they will be going through a dispute over child custody in the near future. In Boston, and other Massachusetts cities, parents in this position need to be prepared.

There are different reasons why drunk driving charges could affect a custody dispute. For example, if the other parent of your child is pursuing sole custody, they may be able to use these charges against you in an attempt to convince the court that such a decision would be in the best interests of the child. Furthermore, courts can look down on a parent who they believe may have a problem with alcohol or driving under the influence. If your spouse is able to obtain sole custody, you may lose your ability to play the role you want to in your child’s life, being unable to help with critical decisions.

In fact, if you lose your ability to drive, you might have more difficulty with seeing your child, even if you are granted partial custody. Oer in our DUI defense section, you can access more material on drunk driving charges.