Can I appeal a permanent license suspension?

| May 6, 2018 | Drivers License Suspension Or Revocation |

The day you dreaded has finally come; after struggling to get your driving record straight, the state of Massachusetts has permanently suspended your driver’s license. You cannot drive to or from work, pick up your children, meet to socialize – and while you may be able to call for driving service, the costs are beginning to escalate. You desperately need your revoked driver’s license back, but permanent is permanent…or is it?

You do actually have the right to appeal a decision handed down by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. details that you have 10 days to contest their decision by completing and submitting the appropriate form (with a $50 fee), and then attending a hearing regarding the decision. In that hearing, the courts will listen to the RMV’s presentation of the reasons for your license revocation, including anything in your driving history such as a DUI or moving infractions.

At that point you will have the opportunity to present your appeal for why your license should be reinstated, including presenting additional evidence that may change the circumstances of any DUI or other convictions on your driving record. This only changes if your license was revoked or suspended for refusing a breath test. The circumstances around this are more complex, allowing you 30 days to submit your appeal – but also requiring a hearing in the correct court of jurisdiction.

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