Personal consequences of a DUI

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

The majority of drivers in Massachusetts know that driving under the influence of alcohol is against the law, and they have an idea of many of the legal consequences. Getting convicted of a DUI can lead to the loss of a driver’s license, court fees, fines and possible jail time. Some drivers will also be required to take alcohol classes and be on probation for a certain period of time. There are also personal consequences that many may not think about, and these can affect the person for a long time.

According to, the fees associated with a DUI in Massachusetts depend on a number of factors, but they can be as high as $50,000. The financial hardship, alone, can affect many areas of one’s life. Take into account a DUI may also affect one’s employment and this is another financial consequence of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Other personal consequences may include embarrassment, the dependence on others for transportation and a lack of trust from friends and family. 

Nasdaq reports that one area of consequence is car insurance. Once the driver gets his or her license back, most states require an SR-22, which is paperwork sent from the insurance company that states the driver is carrying the minimum amount of car insurance required by the state. With the SR-22 on file, insurance rates can increase dramatically for three to five years after the conviction. Some insurance companies will not even cover a driver who has had a DUI, which means finding another insurance carrier.