Examining the true cost of an OUI

| Jul 22, 2020 | OUI |

Each state deals with drivers who operate under the influence differently, and Massachusetts falls somewhere near the middle of the pack when it comes to the severity of the repercussions lodged against its drunk drivers. You should expect to face harsh criminal penalties when authorities stop you for drunk driving in Massachusetts. You should expect to encounter considerable financial repercussions, too. 

Per Alcohol.org, Massachusetts ranks 23rd in the nation in terms of the severity of the punishments and financial obligations its drunk drivers face. How much money should you expect to have to pay following an OUI conviction? 

The financial toll 

It is important to note that the final amount you pay for an OUI may vary broadly from the final amount paid by other OUI offenders. The final costs associated with your offense may depend on your blood-alcohol content, whether you have offended before, whether you have children in the car and other variables. However, most estimates suggest that the final expenses relating to your first-time OUI are going to fall somewhere between about $10,000 and $25,000. 

OUI-related expenses 

Where does that money ultimately go? In addition to paying for legal representation, you may have to pay for bail following your arrest, which may run you as much as $2,500. If authorities towed or impounded your car, which is typical, plan on paying up to $1,200 to get it back in your possession. 

You should also expect to pay hundreds of dollars or more in fines relating to your arrest. You may, too, have to shell out additional fees for sentencing or probation. If you have to perform community service or undergo substance abuse treatment following your offense, these obligations are also your financial responsibility. 

Depending on your blood-alcohol content at the time of your arrest, you may also have to start using an ignition interlock device when you regain driving privileges. If so, you must finance the device yourself. Your insurance rates should also spike sharply after an OUI, and you may find yourself paying much more to insure yourself behind the wheel for years to come.