Did you know you can get an OUI from prescription medications?

| Oct 16, 2020 | Drunk Driving |

When you started to feel unwell, you decided to meet up with your medical provider and have an exam. They gave you some medications, but they didn’t talk to you about them. They just told you to drink a lot of water when you took them.

You took the first pill as soon as you left the pharmacy. It was only a 20-minute drive home, but within that time, you suddenly became extremely dizzy. Shortly after that, a police officer pulled you over, and you were being asked if you’d had anything to drink. You were given a Breathalyzer test and asked to perform field sobriety tests. In the end, you were arrested for operating while under the influence. 

Can you get an OUI because of prescription medications?

Yes, you can. Remember: All medications have the potential to cause side-effects, and some of those can cause impairment of your mental or motor faculties.

If you are impaired in any way due to medications, even those that are prescribed to you or purchased over-the-counter, there is a potential that you could be charged for an OUI. However, you do have the opportunity to defend yourself. For example, if you can explain that you didn’t know that dizziness was a potential side effect, that you don’t have it listed as a side effect on your medication’s bottle and that your doctor didn’t warn you not to drive, then you may have a solid defense. 

Your attorney will talk to you about the traffic stop, your Breathalyzer test and other information that you may want to know. Our website has more about drunk driving, OUIs and what to do if you believe that you’ve been unfairly arrested or accused of drunk driving