There is often more drunk driving enforcement around holidays

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People can decide to get behind the wheel while chemically impaired at any time. Operating under the influence (OUI) is an offense that Massachusetts police officers are constantly on the lookout for when patrolling state roads.


Police officers will watch the behavior of drivers for signs of impairment, like swerving, sudden braking for no reason and other erratic driving habits. They stop and talk with those who show signs of impairment, and there are times when officers will try harder to catch impaired drivers.


The roads right after a party or major event lets out may have more drunk drivers. The same is true for late-night when bars close or holidays when people travel home from parties and family get-togethers. All of the major summer holidays have a correlation with alcohol consumption. In other words, there will likely be more efforts at enforcement around those days.


Holiday weekends and Independence Day see spikes in drunk driving crashes

During Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend celebrations, people often get together with friends and family and may enjoy a few beers while grilling. The same is often true for the 4th of July.


Drinking is a common habit during holiday get-togethers and other celebrations, and sometimes people decide to drive home before they have sobered up afterward. Researchers usually see a significant increase in drunk driving crashes during holiday weekends. The 4th of July, regardless of when it falls during the week, is also a day when drunk driving crashes spike.


Given the statistical increase in collisions, you can expect to encounter more aggressive enforcement efforts during those times as well. Some people will spend the end of their holiday in a jail cell, possibly due to overzealous enforcement efforts.


Drivers may encounter more police or even sobriety checkpoints

No one wants a holiday celebration to turn into the anniversary of a personal tragedy. Preventing drunk driving crashes often involves law enforcement specifically trying to catch drunk drivers before they cause a wreck.


More officers out on the road during the holiday weekend and sobriety checkpoints can lead to dozens of arrests. Anybody swept up in such enforcement efforts still has the right to defend themselves, especially if police misunderstood the situation or an individual’s behavior.