Commonwealth v. D.S. – Disorderly / Resisting Arrest


Boston Municipal Court

Boston Police

– Client was arrested during Gay Pride Festivities in Boston. Client left a large block party and went back a time later trying to get back in. Security would not allow him to in due to his intoxicated state. Client refused to leave area and police were called to the scene. Client refused to leave when asked by police and was told he was being placed under arrest. Client resisted and had to be subdued by several officers from different law enforcement agencies.

At client’s arraignment, Attorney Seed spoke with the judge and ADA at sidebar and convinced both to put client’s arraignment over for 6 months and allow him to do 20 hours of community service in exchange for a dismissal prior to arraignment. This allows client, a business man with no criminal record, to continue to have a clean record with no entries.

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