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Number of deaths related to driving impaired in Massachusetts

According to the CDC, between 2003 and 2012, 1,370 people lost their lives due to alcohol-impaired drivers in Massachusetts. Sometimes these people were passengers in the vehicle, other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Other times, it was the driver themselves.

What is the connection between blackout drunk and drunk driving?

Seeing young people become blackout drunk in Massachusetts is fairly common. Older people often follow this behavioral pattern as well. In fact, CNN reports that blackouts after binge drinking is extremely common. You may think of someone simply passing out. However, many people who suffer from blackouts are awake and may continue to participate in social and even intimate affairs. They simply do not remember what happened, and unfortunately, that may include getting behind the wheel.

Stricter DUI laws may be on the way

Despite efforts from substance abuse centers, law enforcement, politicians, educators and even parents, drunk driving remains a problem in Massachusetts. While there are many people who get stuck with false convictions from faulty tests, or who really only had one glass of wine hours before heading home, there are millions of people in America who endanger the lives of others by regularly driving drunk.

Can supervised experiments with alcohol prevent underage DUIs?

Like many other states, underage drinking is a problem in Massachusetts. Many high school and college students consider binge drinking a rite of passage as they mature from teenagers to adults. This type of thinking has led to reckless and irresponsible behavior at parties and behind the wheel. But is restriction always the best way for you to protect minors from the responsibilities they will have when they can legally drink? After all, adults 21 years and older get DUIs too.

Massachusetts is one of the top 20 worst states to get a OUI/DUI

According to a 2016 article by Forbes, Massachusetts drivers who operate a vehicle under the influence may face up to 30 months of jail time, a license suspension that can last up to two years and fines totaling $500 to $5000. However, it is not just legal repercussions that make OUI charges especially troublesome. They may also lead to a spike in car insurance premiums and may stay on a driver’s record for years.

Stricter policies proposed to reduce drunk driving

Late on a Friday or Saturday night, many people in Boston keep an eye out for drunk drivers. While Massachusetts is perhaps no worse than other states when it comes to drunk driving, it is nonetheless a problem that needs to be addressed. CNN estimates that drunk drivers kill one person every 51 minutes — often, including themselves.

Drunk driving cases and higher education

There are many ways in which drunk driving allegations can turn someone’s life upside down. Some people may suffer from a career point of view, while others may have a hard time with financial penalties and even time behind bars. Some people are in a unique position, such as those who are attending college, and there are various ways in which DUI charges can disrupt a college student’s studies. Moreover, these allegations may affect a prospective college student as well, so it is crucial to handle these cases with a great deal of care.

Can tougher laws reduce drunk driving?

Like any other state, Massachusetts has its fair share of cases involving adults and minors driving under the influence. The accidents often caused by intoxicated drivers lead to some of the most heartbreaking incidents reported in the news. In spite of this, Americans continue to drink and drive at alarming rates.

DUI and child passengers

If you are under arrest for a DUI in Massachusetts and there was a minor in the vehicle at the time, you can expect more legal troubles than just those associated with drinking and driving. The state considers this to be child endangerment, and the consequences can be severe. If this is your situation, it is imperative you hire an attorney who can explain your options.  

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